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All of the Michigan HOBY seminar planning committee and corporate board members are volunteers. We need your help to continue developing and growing this inspirational, challenging and empowering program.

Our Team

Leadership Seminar Chairwoman Courtney Meyer (2005)

Director of Staff Katie Wiggins (2004)

Director of Programs Jordan Chrispell (2011)

Director of Recruitment Isabella Schember (2008)

Director of Fundraising Brett Stacer (2006)

Program Coordinator Payton Wolbert (2016)

Grant Coordinator Katherine Dvorak (2016)

Junior Staff Liaison Jackie Smith

Junior Staff Liaison and Recognition and Enthusiasm Coordinator Alex Cepo (2015)

Cooperating Organizations Coordinator Meegan Smith (2015)

Beverage, Food and Facilities Coordinator Maddy Ekstrom (2012)

Email for more information or to get involved.

Regional Staff

Heather Myers, Director of National Programs, Region O | 818-851-3980 x 304

Contact with questions about HOBY International or for information about HOBY programs.