Membership Information

Type of membership

(a) Ordinary (Full) Member

Any medical practitioner, researcher, scientist, technologist or health care professional who is interested in behavioral health and is engaged in research, teaching, or practice related to behavioral health shall be eligible for full membership.

(b) Associate Member

Any person who is interested in behavioral health but not normally engaged in such professional activities, or are currently under training can apply for associate membership. Decision on type of membership will be decided by the Executive Committee of the Society.

Membership Fee

The current annual membership fee is HK$300. Subscription shall be payable in advance on the 1st day of April each year. Associate members who are full time students or with special contribution to the Society (subject to approval from the Executive Committee) are entitled a waiver of annual subscription.

Member’s Benefit

Members of the HKSBH are entitled to the rights of participating in its full range of academic activities for free or at discounted price. They include but not limited to attending training workshops, scientific meetings and conferences, and joining special interest groups and Facebook. Members also have the privilege to attend conferences or training of the International Society of Behavioral Medicine (ISBM) and to subscribe its journal at a discounted price (subjected to approval of the Society's application of IBSM membership).

Joining Us 

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