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I research, publish and give talks on aspects of Croydon history, am an independent historian on the Croydon Local Studies Forum. I co-ordinate the Croydon Radical History Network.

Croydon Radical History Network

First Newsletter January 2014: Why a Radical History Network for Croydon?; Croydon Citizen Postings; Croydon’s Labour Movement 1860s -1930s; Some Croydon People; Riot Damages 1887;   An Introduction to Ruskin House; William Pare – Advocate of Co-operation; Croydon International Language Club

In June 2014 it organised a talk 'Local investment: Are private developers the only option?'  by Andrew Fisher, author of the book The Failed Experiment – and how to build an economy that works

The Network organised the following events in the Croydon  Heritage Festival 21 June - 4 July 2014:
Honouring Samuel Coleridge-Taylor and other black people through plaques talk: (with Samuel Coleridge-Taylor Network & Nubian Jak Community Trust)
Alfred Russel Wallace as Social Reformer talk (with South Croydon Community Association) 
200 years a slave – Croydon and slavery talk (with Legacies of British Slave-ownership Project) 
Look How Far We’ve Come (about racism) film (with Kwaku of British Black Music) 
Freedom Riders (us Civil Rights) film (with Kush Films) 

Croydon Citizen

I contribute articles on Croydon history to Croydon Citizen

Pamphlets about Croydon

published under History & Social Action Publications imprint

Croydon's African and Asian History. An Introduction. (2016). £2 + £1 postage
Croydon's Crisis. Some Background Facts. (2016) 

Radical Croydon 1860s-1939. An introduction ton the history of Croydon's labour, radical and socialist movements. (2016). £2 + £1 postage

Who Controls Croydon? The local economy, planning, regeneration, developers, housing, education, culture, the Council and community action. (2016). £2 + £1 postage

Michael Tichelar:

Labour Politics in Croydon 1880 to 1914 (Croydon Radical History Monograph No.1. (2015). £2 + £1 postage

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