This is a list of resources that other inspectors have found useful in their work.  

If you have links of resources that you find helpful please let the webmaster know and they can be added! Please list the Subject, Web address (if applicable), Description - just as you see below.

Also if you see any corrections to the list below please let the webmaster know!  

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Books  Ants of North America; Brain L Fisher and Stefan P Cover ISBN 978-0-520-25422-0 
Websites Aquarium & Pond Plants of the World  
USDA-Forest Service  Arthopods of Florida Vol 11 The soft Scale Insects of Florida. Avas B Harmon and Micheal L Williams (Contacted Avas and he sent the book to me. He’s out of Gainsville FL) 
USDA-Forest Service  Arthropods of Florida Vol 3 Florida armored scales George Wallace Dekle (You can probably ask Stacey to see if they have these available or for sale. It's out of Fl dept of Ag, Div of Plant Industry) 
Books  Beetles of Eastern North America; Arthur V Evans ISBN 978-0-691-13304-1 
Books  Garden Insects of North America; Whitney Crenshaw ISBN 0-691-09560-4 / 0-691-09561-2 
PDF Grub ID 
USDA-Forest Service  Guide to insect borers in north America broadleaf trees and shrubs Ah-706 (Contacted Southern Hardwoods Laboratory in Stoneville, MS) 
Websites ITP's A Resource for Wood > Boring Beetles of the World portal 
Websites ITP's recently released 11 screening aids to bark & wood borer beetles. 
Websites Longicorn ID 
Books  Plant Galls and Gall Makers; E.P. Felt ISBN 81-7754-111-0 (This one is out of print and hard to find but is a very excellent book on Plant Galls) 
PDF Stinkbug ID 
Websites To view other Identification Technology Program (ITP) tools. 
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