Article I

The name of this chapter shall be Horticultural Inspection Society.

Sec. 1- The name of this chapter shall be The Southern Chapter.

Article II

This chapter of this organization may affiliate with other chapters under the same organization name which use a similar constitution.

Article III

The purpose of this chapter shall be:

(1) to promote high standards of inspection work;

(2) to combine and share expertise, knowledge, experience and training among plant pest inspectors toward stimulating interest in and professionalizing plant inspection work;

(3) to provide a means of furthering fellowship among plant pest inspectors and allied workers; and

(4) to provide a means of disseminating information particularly pertinent to plant pest inspection work.

Article IV

Regular membership in this chapter shall be limited to state employees engaged in plant pest inspection work as inspectors or as supervisors, in field, laboratory or office, other than administrative personnel. Honorary membership may be awarded to those who, by their experience, achievements and interest, are worthy of distinction. Honorary membership is voted on by the regular members. Complimentary membership shall be awarded at the discretion of this chapters executive committee. Associate membership shall be available to all other interested parties not meeting the above criteria.

Sec. 1- Voting membership of this chapter shall be limited to those delegated Regular members from the Southern Plant Board regions, namely: Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Puerto Rico, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia. Honorary, Complimentary and Associate members may not vote.

Sec. 2- Voting on matters of business of the chapter shall be done by states, with each state entitled to one (1) vote. Members within states shall designate an official delegate or voting member who shall be responsible for voting for his/her state.

Sec. 3- Members from outside the Southern Plant Board region, Associate, Honorary and Complimentary members, are welcome to attend and participate in HIS functions.

Sec. 3a- Business meetings of this chapter will be attended by Regular members only.