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Anyone who meets the qualifications as specified in the H.I.S. constitution is eligible for membership in the Society, subject to payment of annual dues. The membership dues are $15 per year ($1.25/month; 29 cents/week; 4 cents/day); $15.

Excerpts from the Constitution:

*Regular membership in this chapter shall be limited to state employees engaged in plant pest inspection work as inspectors, state survey coordinators (SSCs), or as supervisors, in field, laboratory or office, other than administrative personnel.

*Honorary membership may be awarded to those who, by their experience, achievements and interest, are worthy of distinction. Honorary membership is voted on by the regular members.

*Complimentary membership shall be awarded at the discretion of this chapter’s executive committee.

*Associate membership shall be available to all other interested parties not meeting the above criteria.

Founding Members

-Arkansas State Plant Board: Barry Ardoin, Beverly Bachus, Robert Banks, David Blackburn, Steve Bostain, Jeanetta Cooper, and Tom Hill-Clemson Department of Plant Industry: Gene Lucius-Kansas Department of Agriculture: Cherie Copeland (Central Chapter)-Mississippi Department of Agriculture: Benny Graves-Missouri Department of Agriculture: Sharon Dobesh (Central Chapter)-Nebraska Department of Agriculture: Vickie Wohlers (Central Chapter)-North Carolina Department of Agriculture: Kenneth O. Stillwell-Oklahoma Department of Agriculture: Steve Molloy and Don Molnar-Tennessee Department of Agriculture: Dale Gallimore, John Rochelle and Lynn Snodderly-Texas Department of Agriculture: Harvey Fischer and David Kostroun-Virginia Department of Agriculture: Frank M. Fulgham