Horticultural Inspection Society
Southern Chapter

Distinguished Achievement Award

Nominations for the HISSC Distinguished Achievement Award from members of the Chapter are now being solicited. Regular Membership in the Southern Chapter of the Horticultural Inspection Society is a requirement of the recipient.

Nominations for the HISSC Distinguished Achievement Award shall be based on the following criteria:

1. Demonstrate outstanding performances to HISSC and/or the State where employed.
2. Recognized by peers in the Plant Industry.
3. Able to work harmoniously with other state inspectors and solve problems on plant protection issues.
4. Promote high standards of inspections by training and sharing expertise with fellow employees and members of the HISSC.

Eligible nominations must be postmarked or received via email no later than AUGUST 1 of each year.

After the Committee Chair has received the final nominations, the committee will select no more than one recipient for the HISSC award annually. HISSC State Awards will be awarded to one member from each state where a nomination was received. One overall HISSC Distinguished Achievement Award winner will be made. The overall winner will be submitted to the Southern Plant Board to be considered for the Carl Carlson Award. The HISSC awards will be presented during the Annual Meeting.

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