Article I

Meetings shall be held at least annually at the time and place determined by the executive committee.

Article II

The duties of the officers shall be those usually assigned to such officers.

Article III

The officers shall be elected at each annual meeting for the ensuing year.

Article IV

The duties of the executive committee, in addition to those otherwise provided, shall be to consider and act upon matters pertinent to the interest of the chapter which arise between regular meetings, and accordingly to advise the members thereof.

Article V

The president shall appoint standing committees and members to fill vacancies in standing committees, and may appoint special temporary committees for specific problems.

Article VI

The By-Laws may be amended at any regular meeting by a 3/4 vote of states representing a quorum, but is subject to ratification by a 3/4 vote of the chapter of the organization.

Article VII

All checks written on this chapter shall be signed by the president and/or treasurer.