Horticultural Inspection Society
Southern Chapter

Tavo Good Spirit Award
Rules and Regulations

In memory of Octavio Garza, Inspector from the Texas Department of Agriculture, this award is established as a scholarship for members who are unable to establish funding from their state to attend the Annual Meeting of the Chapter.

This award shall be limited to those members who are classified as “Regular Members” under the Constitution of the Horticultural Inspection Society, Southern Chapter (HISSC). The HISSC defines “Regular Members” as state employees engaged in plant pest inspection work as inspectors or as supervisors, in the field, laboratory or office, other than administrative personnel.

The amount of the Tavo Good Spirit Award shall be equal to 10% of the annual membership fee collected during the previous year plus donations from individuals.* The scholarship shall be used to aid in the expense of hotel accommodations, transportation and meals for the Annual Meeting of the Chapter. The registration fee for the Annual Meeting of the Chapter shall be waived for the recipient of the award. Any expenses other than those named above shall be the responsibility of the recipient. The winner shall be notified by the Chapter President. If the recipient declines, the alternate will be contacted. The funds will be presented during the reception at the Annual Meeting of the Chapter.

Nominations from the HISSC for the Tavo Good Spirit Award for the Annual Meeting shall be postmarked no later than August 1. The Awards Committee will then review the nominations and select two finalists to be presented to the Executive Committee of the Society. The Executive Committee will then make a final selection. The recipient of the Tavo Good Spirit Award may not receive this award again for five years.

*Pending adequate funding from the program budget items.

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