Horticultural Inspection Society
Southern Chapter (HIS-SC)


The Horticultural Inspection Society (H.I.S.) is an organization of inspectors, laboratory and field personnel who regulate plant movement to prevent the spread of plant pests and disease. These individuals enforce laws and regulations for their state agencies which deal with pest prevention. These agencies are usually found within the state's Department of Agriculture or University. Thirteen states and one territory belong to the Southern Chapter.

Be making plans to attend by talking with your supervisors now to get permission for September 2016! You know it takes a while for this process to work.

Our upcoming Meeting & In-service Training information is now available!  We have the meeting agenda, SSC breakout session, along with the registration and hotel information posted on our Meeting Information page.

2016 Interstate Inspection
Thank you to those that attended the 2016 Interstate Inspection!  You are why this is so successful.  Please plan to attend the next one if you can.  You won't be disappointed.

Membership Drive!

Horticulture Inspection Society –
Southern Chapter
President:  Thomas Cary, Virginia (540) 850-1928
Vice President: 
Stacey Simmons, Florida 352-742-6126
Marty Oellerich, Georgia (404) 586-1140
Steve Bostian, Arkansas (501) 231-4582

Dear Colleague,

    July is HISSC membership drive month.  I invite you to join now and benefit from membership through the end of September, 2017.  Membership in HISSC permits attending our annual training meeting.  This year the annual HISSC conference will be in Daytona Beach, Florida.  Members receive our newsletter, Greenline and HISSC members can take advantage of our scholarships (Tavo Good Spirit Award, Beverly Bewley Award), offered on our website. 

More Reasons To Join

    HISSC is an active professional organization, some highlights from this past year include:

- Annual training meeting in Williamsburg, VA

- Implementation of the Beverly Bewley Award

- Updating website with Resource Tab, Webinar lists, and a link to the  Williamsburg training presentations

- Successful SANC/Interstate training meeting in Huntsville, Alabama, highlighting Boxwood Blight Compliance Agreement Inspections

    I encourage you to be a part of this dynamic professional organization.  Membership in HISSC will enrich you professionally.  Please bring your unique talents and expertise to a group of similarly charged individuals across the southern region.  Membership forms can be found through our above mentioned website, under the membership tab.

    I hope to see you in Daytona Beach,

Tom Cary   
HIS/SC President

  Member States
Alabama – Arkansas – Florida – Georgia – Kentucky – Louisiana – Mississippi
- North Carolina – Oklahoma – Puerto Rico – South Carolina – Tennessee – Texas - Virginia


Check out our Summer 2016 newsletter.

Stacey Simmons also attended the Western HIS meeting in San Diego, CA.  She has a report and power point available for viewing!

Allison Olofson, now past HISSC President, attended the 2015 Southern Plant Board Meeting in Richmond, VA and gave a report from our organization.  (It is a MS Word document.)

*Looking for a nursery inspection career? 
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