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Welcome to my Grubb Parsons and David Sinden pages. Grubb Parsons was one of the world's foremost makers of large astronomical telescopes before it's untimely demise in 1985. David Sinden was for many years chief opticain at Grubbs (as the company was affectionately called by it's employees) before leaving to form his own business, Sinden Optical Company. I have put these pages together to celebrate the work of Grubbs and the life of Dave. David Sinden passed away on the 29th August 2005 and as a tribute to his life and work I uploaded this video to the internet....


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The last mirror to be made at Grubb Parsons before the company finally ceased trading in 1985 was the 4.2 meter William Herschel telescope mirror, show below, this mirror was completed after the departure of David Sinden to form his own company.

The William Herschel Telescope

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The Isaac Newton Telescope

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