Why should I sign up for high school choir?

8th Graders,

During 2nd semester, you will meet with a counselor from Gretna High School to register for your 9th grade classes. When choosing a P.E. class for 9th grade, you will have two options:

  • P.E. every other day, alternating with 9th Grade Choir
  • P.E. every other day, alternating with study hall

Since high school can be such a mystery for most 8th graders, you and your parents may feel like you have to "play it safe" when you sign up for 9th grade classes. You don't know how much homework to expect, and you think it would help to choose the study hall. As you start to think about next year, I want you to know that...

  • you have created so many more memories by performing with your friends in middle school than you have in your team study.
  • 9th grade study hall is only every other day. It may not be as helpful eliminating homework as you think. Especially when many students find that it's too tempting to play on their phones the whole time.
  • you will love having choir in your schedule. It can be a great way to create a break from the type of work you are doing in your other classes.
  • there are many great performing opportunities in middle school, but you have barely begun compared to what you will get to do in high school! Nothing compares to being a part of something so rewarding!

In case you may not be completely willing to take my word for it, I asked the current GHS students "why should 8th graders sign up for high school choir?," and here is what they said...

High school choir is a lot like middle school choir; you feel accepted and appreciated and necessary. But at the same time, it’s more intense than middle school choir. You learn a lot of new skills and music that may have seemed impossible before, and the experience is immeasurable. I would 100% recommend joining high school choir.


Choir is like no other class. I can't image a day without music. Choir is a place where you build memories and relationships that last a life time. Choir gives you a purpose and goal each day. A great sense of accomplishment. A team that cares for you and helps you grow. It pushes you out of your comfort zone to make you better. It is more than "the jelly on the dry toast of education," it is family and passion...a home away from home.

~Mr. Ribar

High school choir gives you so many opportunities! First off if you want to do show choir you have to do choir (which is also super fun). You learn all these different songs and the parts all put together is so pretty. You also don't just learn music, we also have done some meditation, we do a little dancing around show choir season, and it's just an amazing thing to be a part of. It's also kind of a break from actual core type classes. All in all, it's really fun and you should do it!


I believe you should sign up for choir because its members are looked up to by a significant portion of the school, and you have the ability to meet a variety of new people.


High school choir is so fun and helpful. You learn so much about reading music and singing. I improved my voice so much in choir, going from someone who could barely hit high notes to expanding my range by a lot. You learn a lot about vocal technique. Choir is also good for taking a break from all your regular classes. The concerts are also a blast to go to and it’s a great experience.


high school choir is so much fun. when i first got to high school, everyone was telling me that ribar was the scariest teacher, that he's so intimidating, etc. he really isn't. mr. ribar is my favorite teacher. i've learned things that i didn't know existed, and i've had so many learning experiences in choir that i couldn't have had anywhere else. while there's a lot of learning going on, he still makes class so fun and interesting, and you get to do things like play games or have dance parties in class. we even get cookie days! i think everyone should give high school choir a try. it's easily my favorite class :)


High school choir has already taught me so many valuable things in just one semester. It’s a nice way to keep music in your day and grow your musical ability.


It’s one of the most fun things about highschool. Show choir is basically like a big family and you get to travel for competitions! It’s sooo fun!!!


If you are auditioning for show choir, I highly suggest (and I believe that it is required) to take choir! If you aren't auditioning for show choir and you have enjoyed choir classes in the past or just enjoy singing, you should take choir! It is a nice break in the day to just sing for 45 minutes and "relax." Some days you don't even sing and you just hang around or have a study (very occasional but still nice.) In my experience, choir is almost always something I look forward to and supports my love for singing.


It is a great idea to sign up for choir because it is a great way to make life long friends and take a mental break from all the other class lectures or even just the computers. Choir helps relieve some stress on your shoulders because you are using you don't have to do a ton of work, but enough that you are learning from experience. Making friends is one of the greatest advantages of joining the choir. When you join choir you are not only a class but a family, everyone takes care of each other and you can trust all of them. The instructors are not only your teachers, but they become some of your most trusted friends. I joined choir because I loved music and I thought this would be a great way to enhance my ability to sing, but also allow me to fall even more in love with music. I met some of my best friends in choir and I know they will be life long friends. My teachers are not just the boring teachers that talk at you, but the kind of teachers that care about what you say, and are always there for you no matter what. On the other hand, choir has been one of the biggest reasons I don't have to stress a ton. You do have to spend hours going over bars of music in rehearsals and compute all the instructions from the choral director, choir manager or conductor. Then, you have a concert where you expel all your energy and out pour your emotion. Nothing feels better than when at a concert and the audience erupts in applause. It’s a great sense of achievement and makes you realize that hard work without all the stress is most definitely possible. Choir is a great place and there is nothing like the family you gain when you are in choir.


In all my four years of high school, choir has ALWAYS been my favorite class. I look forward to it every single day. It's always a huge relief to get out of a desk and go sing. It's an opportunity to express yourself creatively in a school day full of boring note-taking, lectures, and tests. And, singing won't be the only thing you'll do! You will learn SO MUCH about performing, improving your voice, and you might even dance! And all of this happens in a low-pressure, fun environment. Not to mention, choir concerts are a BLAST. Most importantly, though, the best thing about choir is being a part of a group that is making something beautiful and meaningful. The choir kids all have a special bond, and I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. Join choir, you won't regret it!


High school show choir has been an awesome learning and general experience. Being an athlete I have gotten to know a completely new group of people, also playing a sport and doing choir is totally possible, you just have to time manage. I feel like I have found another part of myself and made even more friends. I 100 percent recommend doing Gretna High School choir and trying out for our show choir.


High school choir is my favorite part of the day! Not only do we sing but we dig deeper into rhythms to understand our music better. We move around a lot and always switch things up. Mr Ribar, Mr Rath, and Mr Shostak are my favorite teachers. I highly encourage you guys to sign up for choir to improve on singing techniques and concepts. Music is a big part of my life and i encourage you guys to keep it in your life. Alsooooo try out for show choir! And don't give up if you don't make it in (because I didn't, but I won't give up). Sing and dance on!


It's a time to have fun and hang out with your friends. You also learn cool random facts from Mr. Ribar.


For me singing is something I’m passionate about doing, so signing up for choir in high school doesn’t take much motivation for me. Now if you aren’t as passionate or daring to take the challenge of mastering your voice to its greatest potential then think of it this way. When you get stressed, mad, or sad you sometimes feel to the point of breaking, but some things can help with that, like for instance music. When you are in the zone of wanting to forget what caused you to feel such emotions, often times music is a good way to escape from it. You get carried away by the song, the tune, the singers voice, the rhythm, the beat, etc. It’s the same feeling when you sing too, you feel lighter in your own little world, blocked out from all the negativity that you find yourself dealing with. When you sing you are in control of how it sounds, how fast you want the song to be, deciding if you want to add a little extra flare to the tune itself, etc. Again there are different ways to relieve stress, madness, or sadness but I feel that if you should give any method a try it should be singing/music.


choir is where I sing out emotions, I can see my friends, and have something to look forward to at school.


Music in high school is a totally different world than it was in middle school, in a good way. In high school you learn new signing techniques and learn how to read music in fun and creative ways. I couldn't read music freshman year, but now I can almost fluently read it! Showchoir is so much more fun in high school as well, you make friends with the girls in the group and develop better dancing skills. Traveling and being able to perform on many different stages in the spotlight is a type of adrenaline I've never felt before. Being the idols of the younger kids is also so influential, especially on the school tours. Music in general is an escape for me and music class allows me to do that. To me your high school career is all about doing what you enjoy and developing yourself into who you wanna be for the rest of your life and show choir/music is something that really teaches and allows you to do that.


High school choir is a lot of fun, the people you meet become close friends and family. You get to travel to different places for competitions and help host one at our school. Doing show choir in high school is a lot of fun and totally worth it, everyone should join


You get to learn so much about music, sing almost everyday, make new friends, and it's really a lot of fun.


Music is a language that everyone can understand because it speaks to the soul. Music can touch people in ways that words never could. It is also a nice break from the classes that we are required to take.


Being apart of something is so cool! Especially choir. Being in choir helps you grow your confidence, learn life skills, and meet tons of new friends. It’s so so much fun and I would 100% recommend being in choir!