Will of John Goldstone of Dunval 1567

John Goldstone was the son of Humfrey Goldstone of Goldstone and the husband of Anne, daughter of Thomas Broughton of Henley near Ludlow. He was buried at Astley Abbotts 11th May 1567 and his estate in Dunval and Goldstone passed eventually to his son John Goldstone of Goldstone who married Dorothy Ottley of Ottley. The absence of any mention of Goldstone may seem very odd, but it is quite possible that he had already passed this on to (or enfeoffed it to) his son John or perhaps it was in the ownership of John (senior)'s elder brother Thomas Goldstone.

Whatever, his will mentioned the following landed property:

- a Mannor or farme of Donvall

- howses in Astley and Moxley

- other my Landes and gooddes and takinges in and at Shropshire

- a Farme of Worcester

Will of John Gowldston 1567

In the name of God Amen the 22nd daye of Aprill In the yere of our lord god a thowsande Fyve hundred three Score seaven, I, John Gowldston of Donvall in the parrisshe of Asteley doo make my Last will and testament in manner and forme following

First, I bequethe my Soull to allmightie god and my Boddie to be buried where the Lorde shall appointe it.

Item. I gyve to Anne my wife my Mannor or Farme of Donvall and all the gooddes and Cattall thereunto belonging, with my howses in Astley and Moxley with all other my Landes and gooddes and takinges in and at Shropshere during her naturall lief., in Condicion that she doo kepe her self unmarried and bringe up my sonne till he coome unto the age of twentie one yeres; my will ys that he be putt to Oxford or Cambridge when he cometh to the age of twelve yeres . there to remeyne fowre yeres and afterward to the Innes of Court; my will ys that he shall have at the Innes of Court thertene poundes a yere So that he be in her custodie and government to fynde hym.

I will that after the decesse of my wife all the Bequeste aforsaide dooe remeyne to my sonne or ells Whom god shall appointe to be my heyre

I give my Farme of Worsetor one yere with all the proffitt thereunto belonging to my wife to pay all my dettes, and afterwards I gyve it Syxe yeres to the mariage of my daughter Margerie with all the increase thereunto growing in and uppon the same Ferme

And Where as I am bounde to John Callowhill for to gyve my Sister Dorothe’s Anne Bragden tenne poundes, I doo gyve unto the saide Anne over and above the forsaide tenne poundes, tenne poundes more yf that she doe lyve thereunto, viz, to be paid owte of the same Ferme at Worsetour after the bequestes here before written performed.

Also I gyve unto John Bragden her sonne twentie poundes to be paide owte of the same Ferme at suche tymes as the former bequestes shall be performed.

Provided allways that yf the saide Anne my wife be molested by anye of the saide children or any man in their behalf then the paymentes before named for to be voide.

The Reste of the yeres of the Ferme I will that my wife shall have then keping herself widdowe to the bringing uppe of my Children , and (if) she doe marry Then the proffitt of the same Ferme to be unto the use of my saide heyre or heirs

And if that my wife dooe Marrye then I will that she have my mannor or ferme of Donvall and Asteley and Moxley.

And all the rest of my Landes, takings and gooddes I give unto my heyre

Also I gyve unto my Brother Robert Gossnell twentie Shillinges by yere during his naturall lief, to be paide owte of the knoll.

Also I dooe gyve unto everie of his children a sheepe

Also I dooe gyve unto my brother Robert Gosnell my beste Gowne

And yf that my wife dooe Marrye I doo gyve the governemente of my Landes and gooddes and Children to be in the custodie of my Brother Charles Broiton and Thomas Honte unto the preferemente of my children untill they be of discretion

And I dooe make Anne my wif my solle Executrix and I dooe make my overseers Roberte Gosnell, Thomas Fewterell & William Baylle, and doo gyve unto Thomas Fewterell my beste Coate and Cloke for his paynes, and unto William Baylle I doo gyve my nightegowne and Freeseadowe Cloake for his pains

Also I will that my Plate ,that ys, my Best Salte, my standing Cuppe with the cover, my Littell Ale cuppe with the cover, a dozen of Sylver Spones with the twelve Apostles be an heire lowme unto my howse for my heire or his heires for ever.

Witnesses hereunto Robert Gosnell and William Baylie with others.

Probate was granted at London on 10th December 1567 to Anne, relict and widow of the testator.