Goldstone Lordship

and Estates in the Parish of Hinstock

and County of Salop

Belonging to Thomas Hayward Esq

Surveyed 1771 by John Wedge

The map below was commissioned by Thomas Hayward, owner of Goldstone who was the heir of Edward Pegg of Goldstone. All the fields can be easily plotted on to a modern 25:000 Ordnance Survey map - once done, the boundaries of Goldstone manor and township become very clearly visible. The fields of the estate surround Goldstone Common, the full extent of which could not be fitted onto the map. As Lord of the Manor of Goldstone, Thomas Hayward was Lord of the Soil of Goldstone Common.

The Manor & Lordship of Goldstone was bounded to the east by the brook which runs along the valley between Cheswardine and Goldstone. This brook used to be the boundary between Shropshire and Staffordshire. The western boundary of Goldstone is marked by the parish boundary of Hinstock, across which some of Goldstone Common once lay before that portion was enclosed. Unlike Cheswardine, the boundaries of the parish were the same as those of the Manor of Hinstock.

During the Commons Enclosures, Edward Hayward was awarded those parts of Goldstone Common that extended into Hinstock, claiming it by virtue of his having been lord of the manor of Goldstone. This link shows the land on the map below superimposed on an 1891 Ordnance Survey map.

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