Goldstone lands in 1771 shown on an 1891 map

The map below shows the lands on the 1771 map of Goldstone Lordship superimposed on an Ordnance Survey Map of 1891. The extent of the Goldstone Estate before most was sold in the 1950s is shown on the next page (click here).

Please note:-

  • The fields that comprise Goldstone Lordship on the 1771 map are shown in blue.

  • The approximate extent of Goldstone Common in 1771 is shown in green - Thomas Hayward as Lord of the Manor of Goldstone was lord of the soil. It is historically interesting that this common is shown to have extended across the parish boundary westwards into Hinstock.

  • Lightwood and Lockley Wood unenclosed lands, which are not shown coloured, lay to the west of Goldstone Common.

  • The locations of Goldenhill Common and Link Field Common that are shown on the 1771 map are easy to locate on the map below.

  • Additional land that Thomas Hayward owned is shown in brown - this was the Lockley Wood part of Mount Pleasant Farm, which at that time was held on a 500 year lease taken by Edward Pegg in 1748, from the Corbets. Less than a third of this farm is shown on the map below. The original name for Mount Pleasant Farm was Lockley Farm or Over Lockley.

  • Land on the 1771 map that was around Cheswardine village is not shown on the map below.