1. For the FIRST THREE (3) MONTHS, new patrons are only allowed to check out TWO ITEMS PER CARD.

2. Patrons MUST have their library card with them to check out items. Patrons will be allowed to check out once without a card. If the card is lost, patron must purchase a new library card.

1st replacement- $1.00, 2nd replacement- $2.00, 3rd & after- $5.00

3. Persons using a computer only, MUST have a photo ID or their own library card. Adults may check out a computer beside them for their child. An adult MAY NOT check out a computer for another adult.

4. Library and personal wireless computer users must follow library CIPA internet rules.

5. Books and audio-books may be checked out for a period of TWO WEEKS.

6. The above materials may be renewed in person or by telephone. If materials are kept longer than the due date and not renewed, the computer automatically applies a FINE of 10 cents per day per book or audio-tape.

7. DVDs may be checked out by ADULTS ONLY. There is a limit of FOUR DVDs PER CHECK OUT. DVDs may be checked out for a period of TWO DAYS. DVDs checked out on a FRIDAY, OR SATURDAY ARE DUE BACK THE FOLLOWING MONDAY.

8. DVDs may be renewed by telephone ONE TIME ONLY. OVERDUE FINES ARE $1.00 PER DVD PER DAY; the computer automatically applies the fines.

9. Fines MUST be paid on before checkout of any item per visit. One item per visit may be checked out until all fines are paid. (If you are unable to pay off your total fee amount at one time, you may still check out 1 item per visit, but you have to pay AT LEAST $1.00 each time.)

10. Some materials including GENEALOGY AND MOST REFERENCE MATERIALS DO NOT CIRCULATE. These materials must be used in the library only.

11. Older magazines may be checked out for a period of two weeks. Current issues (in the plastic binders) may be used in the library only.

12. All patrons will be treated equally.