My sponsors




Nissan South Africa helped “Make the World a Wilder Place’ as a co-sponsor of my epic 2, 500 km walk along the Trail to Salamanca and supporter of WILD10, the World Wilderness Congress that is being held in Salamanca, Spain, during October 2013.

At a time when almost every motor manufacturer was scrambling to get an all-electric car on the road, Nissan had already captured the high ground with the Nissan LEAF, Europe’s 2011 Car of the Year and the first mass-marketed, affordable zero-emissions vehicle. 

As rural land abandoned by humans is being re-colonised by wildlife and showing a wilder face to the world, Nissan is playing a part by reducing the human footprint with its pioneering zero-emissions LEAF. 

It is a viable competitor to conventional oil-burning cars in terms of safety, performance, spaciousness and handling and a practical proposition for many urban drivers.


Simon Grier of Villiera Wines, a celebrated Stellenbosch estate in South Africa’s Western Cape, has planted an indigenous tree for every kilometre walked by Earth Pilgrim Africa (14,000 by the end of October 2013). The family-owned wine farm, which is famous for its reds, whites and Cap Classique sparkling wines, also has impeccable ‘green’ credentials. The farm is a home to a variety of wildlife and hosts ambitious plans to rehabilitate the land with the planting of thousands of indigenous trees. Villiera Wines also boasts the largest roof-mounted solar energy system in South Africa.



It’s huge ‘thank you’ to Cape Union Mart and K-Way for their valuable support.


“Don’t worry: we’ll keep you warm and dry,” was the generous promise, which was followed up with the supply of a range of quality outdoor products ranging from a waterproof outer jacket and inner fleece to a lightweight K-Way sleeping bag and trekking poles.


Cape Union Mart is South Africa’s leading outdoor store and it is at the company’s many outlets that you’ll find K-Way, a range of technical clothing and gear that uses the latest technologies and materials.


 Geoff in K-Way gear with Everest in the background.



Photo-journalist and friend Adelle Horler who has shared some of my greatest adventures and always helped me to ‘keep it real.’  She is an invaluable friend who pulls no punches.



Award-winning photographer Inga Terblanche who supports Earth Pilgrim Africa with her creative talents and great sense of fun and adventure.