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Walking for Mother Earth

Geoff Dalglish took a leap of faith and went from Petrolhead to Pilgrim when he began walking with a message about treading more lightly and lovingly upon the Earth on 7 July 2011. 

He vowed to walk 40,075km, symbolically the equivalent of the circumference of the Earth, although he stopped counting steps and kilometres after five years in which he covered more than 21,000km.

It's been a journey of so many highlights, inspirations, synchronicities and unforgettable encounters. During 2013 he completed a 2,500km, 124-day walk through six countries as an ambassador for WILD10, the 10th World Wilderness Congress, and was nominated for a prestigious Adventurer of the Year Award. Part of the walk could become an international hiking trail called El Camino Salvaje, or the Way of the Wild.

He walks as an ambassador for the Findhorn Foundation community in Scotland and as a representative of the Global Ecovillage Network (GEN). Geoff is exploring ways of co-creating a world more loving, joyful and sustainable for humanity that recognises and celebrates the interconnectedness of all life. 

He has been one of the many privileged to be part of Walking Water, a Californian pilgrimage that has followed the waterways - natural and manmade - from the source high in the Sierra Nevada mountains to the place of end use, being the city of Los Angeles. It has been a three-year project and prayer involving indigenous people and some key role players that honours and celebrates the beauty and sanctity of water as a source of life and a common ground, worldwide. It recognises that we need to create a new relationship with water and each other. Now a number of parallel walking events - including two in drought-stressed South Africa - are being investigated.

Meanwhile it is a time of profound inner listening and walking alone in silence with the questions: What is mine to do? How might I be part of the changes needed to create a new healthier regenerative relationship with Mother Earth, with each other, and with all life?

During Lockdown he created the Findhorn community's first eBook entitled Love, Magic & Miracles and recently published Pilgrim - Taking a really long walk from the head to the heart.

Visit www.walking-water.org



 Photography Inga Terblanche