Discussion 7.1 Dump codes in WHO Mortality Database

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Last Update: May 6th 2010

Status of discussion: Closed

This paper is a sub discussion of the broader discussion on unspecified categories (Discussion Topic 7). It focuses on the quality of international mortality data available in the WHO Mortality Database (WHOMDB).

Where we stand and the way forward

    • Kavi has (1) extracted data from the WHOMDB, (2) mapped it to GBD Injury external cause categories, and (3) Computed the fractional distribution of unspecified categories. The lead authors of Discussion 7 (Kavi and James) have closely examined the results and proposed quality thresholds for unspecified categories. The document was then distributed to the co-authors and feedback was incorporated. Feedback has also been sought from other experts (James discussed with Colin Mathers at WHO)
    • These results have now been written up for publication. The draft manuscript can be viewed here. It will be submitted to the journal on June 5th 2009. Feedback received by June 17th 2009 was incorporated in the manuscript.
    • May 5th 2010: The manuscript has now been accepted for publication.
    • November 1 2010: The paper appeared in the November issue of the Bulletin of the WHO. It is available here.

Jump directly to the key result of this analysis

      • Table 3 in this manuscript provides an assessment of a sample of the countries in the WHOMDB. An appendix, which can be downloaded by clicking here, provides the assessment for al countries in the WHOMDB.

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