GBD-2010 Injury Expert Group

This site is a repository of the products of the GBD-2010 Injury Expert Group. The final results of the GBD-2010 project were published in December 2012 and the GBD-2010 Injury Expert Group no longer exists.

Please note that the pages on this website do not reflect the methods that were used to generate the final set of results for the GBD-2010 study, which was published in December 2012. If you are interested in the methods or results of GBD-2010 and subsequent revisions, please visit the official website of IHME's GBD project ( The materials described on the website are now obsolete but these webpages have been retained as an internet archive of the work of the group.

Please visit the website to find out more about other closely related project of our group.

About the project

About GBD-2010

About the GBD-2010 injury expert group

Group members

Joining the group

Group meetings

Group authorship principles


Data Hunt & Data Repository

Call for data contributions

Environmental scan of data sources

Global data repository

Project data availability maps

Homicide database development

Data Analysis

Overview of data analysis

Operational definitions and mappings

- external cause definitions

- sequelae definitions

- age-sex definitions

Mortality analysis

Hospital analysis

Survey analysis

Literature Reviews

With the GBD project moving forward at a fast pace it is essential that the literature review process begin. These pages allow group members to lead and/or join literature reviews and provide resources for conducting them.

Overview of literature reviews

Current status of reviews

Literature Review Package

- outline

- literature review map

- countries by regions

- step by step guide

- checklist

- data submission specifications

Working Groups

Working groups are being established to aid researchers from differing areas to complete reviews and reports on the same or similar topics.

Injury Working Groups

Discussion topics

The theoretical work of this expert group is structured in discussion topics, which are typically lead by one or more core members of the expert group. When a new issue of relevance to the injuries component of the GBD project is identified by the group, it is referred to one of these discussion topics. If the subject is not adequately covered by any of these discussion topics, a new topic is added to the list.

The discussion topics usually evolve via email exchanges and are only periodically updated on this website. Please assume that the discussion listed here is at least a little out of date. If you are interested in a discussion topic, please contact its lead author to find out about current status.

It is expected that most of these discussion topics will become academic research publications. Thus, authorship of these discussions is expected to be based on contribution to the topic as is broadly accepted by the academic community. Furthermore the materials presented in these discussions are the intellectual property of the listed authors.

Full list of discussion topics (including authors, and brief descriptions)

Completed discussions

Discussion 12 - External cause list

Discussion 3 - Injury health states (GBD "sequelae") definitions

Ongoing discussions

Discussion - Covariates of injury mortality

Discussion 15 - Using police data for road injuries

-15.1 - Comparison of road deaths from GSRRS and death reg.

- 15.2 - Comparison of GBD-2010 vs "official statistics"

Discussion 11 - Mortality data

- 11.1 - Comparison of homicide from UNODC and death reg.

Discussion 5 - Multiple injuries

Discussion 13 - Disability prevalence

Discussion 7 - Dealing with unspecified external cause categories

- 7.1 - Dump codes in the WHO mortality database

- 7.2 - Dump codes in ICD 9 versus ICD10

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