Welcome to Garden Gate PTA’s
new and updated website! 

Our goal this year continues to be strengthening our community.  We have a Gator Community Group and hope that you will find some time to get an account set up.  This group is your one stop shop to everything Garden Gate PTA. Brad Vaughan, our PTA Web Administrator and Room Rep  Co-Lead, will be managing the webpage and group. There will still be general and relevant information via the Gatoraid and  Garden Gate School website.

In addition to staying in touch with PTA events, we have compiled a list of needed items that can be saved and contribute to the school.

1. Boxtops – We are collecting boxtops where students can receive a prize redemption certificate when they have collected groups of 25.  Please be mindful that all boxtops must have current and unexpired dates on them.  Boxtop logo alone cannot be counted.  Boxtop sheets or envelopes can be dropped off at the Box Top box in the office.

2. Pie tins (especially Marie Callender ones), Fruit juice Frozen Concentrate Cans (rinsed short or long), and newspapers are useful to our Spectra Art program.  Please put items in a bag and drop them off at the office for the PTA.

3. Goodie bag prizes – Ever wonder what to do with left over goodie bag gifts or unused ones that your child brings back from a party or kids’ meal?  Collect them in a zip lock bag (marked PTA) and drop them off at the office.  We can use them in classroom treat jar or box top prize box.  No food items please.

 4. Unopened toys (age appropriate for elementary school children) – Every May we hold our annual Walk Around fundraiser.  We are always looking for prizes throughout the year to contribute to the drawing.  Donation receipt can be provided upon request.

 A little from each person really can make a difference.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Cheryl at mcgraw_cheryl@cusdk8.org.  It is true what they say, it really does take a village to raise a child and we welcome you to be part of our community.

 Garden Gate PTA