Salento Macro Meetings 2024

Hotel Risorgimento - Lecce, Italy

Friday July 5th




Invited talk

"Menu costs and Phillips curves" 20 years later

Francesco Lippi (Luiss University and EIEF) 


The Causal Effects of Expected Depreciations

Martha Elena Delgado, Juan Herreno, Marc Hofstetter, Mathieu Pedemonte (Federal Reserve Bank Of Cleveland)

Discussant: Gaetano Gaballo (HEC Paris, CEPR)


Coffee break


Strike the Iron while it’s Hot: Optimal Monetary Policy with (S,s) Pricing

Peter Karadi, Anton Nakov, Galo Nuno, Ernesto Pasten, Dominik Thaler (European Central Bank)

Discussant: Pablo Kurlat (University of Southern California)


Committing to Grow: Employment Targets and Firm Dynamics

Harun Alp (Federal Reserve Board), Ufuk Akcigit, Andre Diegmann, Nicolas Serrano-Velarde

Discussant: Francesco Pappadà (Ca' Foscari Venice, PSE)




Invited talk

Pareto Improving Fiscal and Monetary Policies: Samuelson in the New Keynesian Model

Mark Aguiar, Manuel Amador, Cristina Arellano (Minneapolis FED)


Investment-Goods Market Power and Capital Accumulation

Andrea Lanteri (Duke University), Fabio Bertolotti, Alessandro T. Villa

Discussant: Michaela Elfsbacka-Schmoller (European Central Bank)


Coffee break


Household Belief Formation in Uncertain Times

Luca Gemmi, Roxana Mihet (HEC Lausanne)

Discussant: Kieran Larkin (Stockholm University)


Guided tour of Lecce


Social dinner, Lecce

Saturday July 6th


Invited talk

The anatomy of a peg: lessons from China’s parallel currencies

Saleem Bahaj, Ricardo Reis (LSE)


Markups and Cost Pass-through Along the Supply Chain

Santiago E. Alvarez, Alberto Cavallo, Alexander MacKay, Paolo Mengano (Harvard University)

Discussant: Luigi Iovino (Bocconi University)


Coffee break


Invited talk

Regressive Trend Inflation

Evi Pappa (Universidad Carlos III), Sebastian Rast, Alejandro Vicondoa


Fiscal-Monetary Interactions in the United States

Paul Bouscasse (Sciences Po), Seungki Hong

Discussant: Edouard Challe (Paris School of Economics)




Bus departure: from Piazzetta Caduti sul Lavoro to Porto Selvaggio (Ionian Sea)


Gaetano Gaballo (HEC Paris, CEPR)

Pablo Kurlat (University of Southern California)

Francesco Pappadà (Ca' Foscari Venice, PSE)

The organizers kindly acknowledge the financial support from the University of Southern California, the Chair Banque de France at Paris School of Economics, and CEPREMAP.

Call for papers


The seventh edition of the Salento Macro Meetings will take place in Lecce, Italy on the 5th and 6th of July 2024. The objective of this event is to bring distinguished researchers in Macroeconomics in the relaxed and fruitful atmosphere of Salento, the peninsula located in the southernmost region of Apulia, Italy.

We welcome submissions of theoretical or empirical papers addressing issues including:

Submissions from members of under-represented groups in the economics profession are encouraged. 

Invited speakers of this edition are:

Cristina Arellano (Minneapolis Fed)

Francesco Lippi (LUISS University and CEPR)

Evi Pappa (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid and CEPR)

Ricardo Reis (London School of Economics and CEPR)

The workshop organization will be able to cover accommodation expenses for speakers and discussants. The organisers kindly acknowledge financial support from the University of Southern California, the Chair Banque de France at PSE and Cepremap. 

The deadline for submissions is Thursday April 4, 2024

Submission link:


Lecce is located at the heart of Salento, the peninsula at the southern end of the administrative region of Puglia, Italy. The region is well known for its natural landscapes, like the beaches on the Adriatic and Ionian Sea as well as for the rich Baroque architectural monuments. The closest airport is Brindisi, which is about 40km north of Lecce.

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