Swim Lessons

We look forward to Season 2019 Lessons
Parent-TOT information below!

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STEP 3: Bring in your payment receipt to your first class!

Your swimmer is FREE to attend public swim while enrolled in Swim Lessons!

"Which level is right for my child?"

Swim Lesson Levels:

Tots - are non swimmers with family desiring to introduce their swimmer to the water together. Our instructor will guide YOU and your swimmer through the primary objectives of water safety and skill. We are offering 3 special 5-day Parent-TOT sessions.
June 24th-28th 
July 22nd-26th and 
August 19-23rd from 6:00-6:30pm. You can sign up for this session by filling out Step 1 above and choosing the Parent-TOT option under the week of your choice. Feel free to email foresthillpool@gmail.com with any questions!

Tadpoles -  are non swimmers that are just being introduced to the water. They may not like the water and may be uncomfortable putting their face in the water or even getting their head wet. We are just introducing kicks, scoops, rollovers and back floating in this level. 


Pollywogs - are getting more comfortable in the water but are probably not swimming independently yet. They are learning kicks, scoops, rollovers, and back floating more independently.

Turtles - are beginning to find some independence while swimming. They may not be super strong swimmers but are starting to swim by themselves.

Starfish - are getting very comfortable and independent in the water. They should be swimming the width of the pool on their own. 

Jellyfish - are turning into great swimmers. Still working on coordination and technique. But they are stronger and moving onto more advanced strokes. 

Sharks - are excellent swimmers. They are still learning all the master strokes but are very comfortable swimming. 

Stingrays - are ready for swim team. They know all 4 strokes and are working on mastering perfect technique. This level is helping them get strong and fast.

        **There will be no make up lessons with the exception of inclimate weather or necessary closure**

Session Dates - 1 Week Sessions

Weekday Lessons (25 minutes)

Session Times:

Session 1 – June 10th - June 14th

A:  11:00 am to 11:25 am

Session 2 – June 17th - June 21st

B:  11:30 am to 11:55 am

Session 3 – June 24th - June 28th

C:  6:00 pm to 6:25 pm

Session 4 – July 1st - July 5th - NO CLASSES!

Session 5 - July 8th - July 12th

Session 6 – July 15th - July 19th

Session 7 - July 22nd - July 26th

Session 8 - July 29th - Aug 2nd

Session 9 - Aug 5th - Aug 9th

Session 10 - Aug 12th - Aug 16th

Session 11 - Aug 19th - Aug 23rd

Session 12 - Aug 26th - Aug 30th

D: 6:30 pm to 6:55 pm

*Starting August 5th:

E: 5:00 pm to 5:25 pm

F: 5:30 pm to 5:55 pm

*No Morning sessions starting August 13th