Matching Funds Program

Corporate Matching Program 

Have you turned in your matching request?  It’s not too late…..

If you made a donation at registration or the beginning of the year, your donation might be matched by your employer….

This year the Corporate Matching fund has raised $8000 in matching funds our goal is $9,000…..

Many employers sponsor matching gift programs and will match any charitable contributions made by their employees. Please contact your employer to fill out the necessary forms to have your donation matched. Most employers now have corporate match forms online, so no paperwork is needed. If your donation is eligible for matching, request the match from your employer and we will do the rest. The impact for your gift to the Foothill PFA may be doubled!!

Thank you to the following companies for their continued support of education!

Aetna, Adobe, Chevron, Wells Fargo, Kaiser, Black Rock, Clorox, McKesson, PG&E, Amex, Bank of the West, Bank of America, Charles Schwab, GAP, Macy’s, Verizon, Visa, Google and Salesforce 

If your employer is not listed above, they may still MATCH your donation.

Contact me if you have questions.  Jamie