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Welcome to the Foothill Middle School PFA!


Tuesday, Apr 30 Ribbon Cutting - New Wellness Room 3-3:30

Thursday, May 2 Open House, 5:30-7pm

We are currently looking for parents interested in filling the following Board positions for the 2024-2025 school year. 

If interested please email

Vice President of Strategic Planning 

The Vice President of Strategic Planning shall act as an aid to the President; serve as the Chair of the Strategic Planning Committee; act as a liaison among the faculty, parents and Board; and accept other duties as assigned by the President.  

Revenue Officer 

The Revenue Officer shall handle all income of the PFA, which includes processing any deposits to the PFA Operating account, coordinating hand-off of all cash deposits and ensuring that all evidence of income is saved electronically to the PFA’s Google Drive or similar electronic record keeping system for use by the Treasurer in creation of the monthly financial report.  Revenue Officer shall also review the monthly financial report prepared by the Treasurer to ensure that it accurately reflects all income received by the PFA during that time period and that the income has been added to the appropriate budget category. 

Education Fund Chair 

The duties of the Education Fund Chair include overseeing the fund-raising activities for the benefit of the Foothill Education Fund, including matching donations. 


The Auditor shall be appointed by the Board at the recommendation of the Nominating Committee. The Auditor shall conduct a review of the statement of income, expenditures, and cash balance for the fiscal year and render a written report to the Board in December and in June, prior to the close of the fiscal year on July 1st. 


8th Grade dance will be held on Friday, May 17, 2024 in the Foothill Gymnasium for 8th graders only, as a part of their promotion activities. 

Tickets will be sold only via Konstella. 

If you do not have a Konstella account, you can email with your email, your child's name and child's grade to receive an invite to set up a Konstella account. 

Please note that this event is being run and funded entirely by the Foothill PFA and is not sponsored by the school or MDUSD.  Accordingly, please do not call or email the Foothill office or administration about these events.  Any questions you have should be directed only to

* * * * *

Konstella:  The PFA provides a communication tool for ALL parents called Konstella.

Join Konstella here. 

Konstella is the only official platform used by the PFA for communications. It is

maintained by the PFA and offers information that is PFA focused such as:

(depending on each parent’s specified account settings)

PFA meeting dates/times, Dine & Donate fundraising events, and other

important FMS and PFA dates and events.

online donation directly through the Konstella donation page.

appreciation events or student social events.

promotion, etc

ParentSquare: PLEASE NOTE: Parent Square is used for communications by the Teachers/Administration/School District ONLY

The PFA has no ability to create and send messages through this platform. For this reason, the PFA encourages parents to join Konstella from the beginning of 6th grade (with reminders throughout each year) since this is something parents need to initiate on their own. Emails are not provided from elementary schools, Foothill administration or the district to be automatically fed into Konstella nor do elementary school Konstella accounts automatically roll over into middle school Konstella accounts. Likewise, please note that middle school Konstella accounts DO NOT automatically feed into high school accounts. *8th grade families will need to join Northgate's Konstella account when transitioning to 9th grade.

Helpful Konstella Tips:


To the PFA Education Fund!

The Foothill Middle School Parent Faculty Association (FMS PFA) is a parent-led organization that works closely with Principal Vaiana and the teachers and administrators to provide information for parents, coordinate some student activities, and raise money by way of donations to the PFA Education Fund. The Education Fund's purpose is to supplement funding from MDUSD and the State of California to pay for vital resources for our students. As a parent at FMS, you are automatically a member of the Foothill PFA!

The information shared on this website is in addition to the official Foothill Middle School website. For official school information and to contact administrators and teachers at FMS, please go to the FMS website.