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Vindur from Dalalif

Vindur from Dalalif 
Born 2010, Stallion 
Silver Dapple Black w/ star 
BLUP evaluation 108 

Sire: IS1994125409 - Hrafn frá Garðabæ (8.24)
SS: IS1986186055 - Orri frá Þúfu í Landeyjum (8.34)
SD: IS1981213001 - Buska frá Garðabæ (7.39)

Dam: IS1993285705 - Gola frá Höfðabrekku (8.25)
DS: IS1981157003 - Tvistur frá Krithóli (8.20)
DD: IS1985285706 - Járngerður frá Vestur-Skaftafellssýslu

Vindur is a beautiful silver black first prize stallion with a 10 for mane and tail. He has a very interactive personality which makes him lots of fun to work with. He has big proud gaits with wide movement and nice lift. In the breeding evaluation in Vernon 2018, he received 8.37 for conformation and 8.01 for ridden abilities with a total of 8.16. He received 9 for head, 9 for trot and 9 for walk. He also has quite an impressive pedigree. His sire Hrafn received 9 for tolt, trot, gallop and general impression with an overall of 8.24. His dam Gola received 9 for pace, gallop and spirit with overall 8.25. He will available to serve mares in the 2018 season at our farm in Eugene, OR. 

 2018 season stud fee: $1200 for unevaluated mares
                                             $1000 evaluated mares (1st or 2nd prize)
All mares must purebred registered Icelandic Horses