About Us

Five-Gait Farm was founded from a deep passion for Icelandic Horses.

Lucy Nold has been involved with horses since she was very young and her dedication is undeniable. She has been successfully riding Icelandic horses competitively for many years and has also shown dressage. She has been nationally ranked top in Icelandic competition consistently since 2007 in various classes. She was a member of the US team that traveled to compete at the 2008 FEIF Youth Cup in Switzerland where she placed top ten in two different events. She was a member of the dressage team at University of California, Davis where she studied to recieve bachelor of Animal Science with a specialization in equine studies. Over the years, she has worked on and managed several different Icelandic horse training and breeding farms. She has spent the last several years helping youth become more involved with Icelandic horses. In 2014, she travelled to Iceland as the US team leader at the FEIF Youth Cup where several of her students competed. She has a passion for teaching and sharing her love and knowledge of horses with everyone around her. She teaches to achieve good communication and understanding between horse and rider. She believes establishing this language and partnership is key for success in any endeavor a rider may choose.