Five-Gait Farm offers a variety of boarding situations to best fit your horse's needs. 

At our facility just west of Eugene, OR, we offer full care boarding. The facility has an indoor arena, large tack room, viewing area, turn out paddocks/pastures, and a round pen . Weather permitting there are trails around the 120 acre property. The barn areas are well lit making it possible to ride after dark. Training and lessons are available see here. 


Stall board - $450/month 

Group paddock board for horses - $400/month 

Pasture Boarding- $400/month

Broodmare Boarding- $550/month

Short term stall board- $15/day

Stall board includes feeding our grass hay 3x per day. Daily stall cleaning. Sawdust shavings added as necessary. Water filling and cleaning. Turnout in paddocks or pasture weather permitting.  Additional services available at cost. 

Paddock board includes feeding our grass hay 2x per day. Horses are kept in groups of up to 10 horses with covered feeders and loafing shed shelters. Turnout into pasture with group weather permitting. Paddocks are cleaned regularly. Paddock board is only available to Icelandic Horses.

Pasture boarding includes the horses living in big herds on pastures 40-80 acres in size with a variety of hill and flat terrain. Pasture horses mostly eat high quality grass with hay fed when the pasture is not sufficient and when the ground is frozen. Pastures grouped into mares and geldings.