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We have a wide selection of horses for sale, not all of which are listed here. For more information about the horses we have available please email us at Prices are subject to increase with training. 

Price groups
A - $0 - $4,999
B - $5,000 - $9,999
C - $10,000 - $14,999
D - $15,000 - $19,999
E - $20,000 - $29,999
F - 30,000 or more

Gisli from Fitjamyri
Born 2005, Gelding 
Black with a star 

Sire: IS1996184156 - Flugar frá Skálakoti (7.54) 
SS: IS1986186055 - Orri frá Þúfu í Landeyjum (8.34) 
SD: IS1988284158 - Syrpa frá Skálakoti (7.56) 

Dam: CA1999201920 - Ogna from Fitjamyri 
DS: IS1988187201 - Fengur frá Stokkseyri (8.03) 
DD: NL1975200861 - Störna – 

Gísli is an engaged and charismatic horse with incredible talent. He is social and loves to interact with people, the kind of horse that whinnies everytime he sees you. He is a tall gelding with very uphill conformation and nice proportions. He is four gaited with a lots of suspension in trot and canter. His tolt is very high stepping and flashy with the ability to work very easily in slower speeds. He has a wide range of speed in all his gaits but also the ability to excel in dressage work due to his wonderful slow canter. He has lots of experience on the trail and has been trailered many places. He would be best suited for an advanced rider as he is forward and responsive to the aids. 

Price Group D

Minjagripurinn from Triple D 
Gelding Red dun 
June 15, 2013 
BLUP 92 

Sire: CA2006102393 - Hemmingur from Fitjamyri (7.82) 
SS: IS1996184156 - Flugar frá Skálakoti (7.54) 
SD: IS1993284436 - Gæfa frá Litlu-Hildisey 

Dam: CA2003201775 - Hugrökk Hjarta from Eagle Acres 
DS: IS1988187201 - Fengur frá Stokkseyri (8.03) 
DD: IS1993284372 - Snör frá Skíðbakka I 

Minjagripurinn (Mini as we call him) is a very sweet gelding with very impressive gaits. He is out of a Canadian breeding line with impressive sires on both sides of his line. He is a smaller gelding with very strong gaits and the potential to be a great riding or competition horse. He has been started under saddle and has a very natural tolt. He is easy to work with and has a friendly disposition. Price will increase with training.

Price Group B

Mídas from Vindsdalur 
Gelding, Dark Chestnut
Born 2011  
BLUP evaluation 106 

Sire: US2008103875 - Blær from Sand Meadow (8.08)
SS: IS1996156333 - Stígandi frá Leysingjastöðum II (8.27) SD: IS1983260006 - Birna frá Akureyri (7.5) 

Dam: US2001201756 - Rodadis from Sand Meadow (7.84) DS: IS1995187053 - Garpur frá Auðsholtshjáleigu (8.39) DD: IS1991256106 - Hera frá Hofi (8.1) 

Mídas is a very sweet and kind gelding. He is elegant with upright conformation and incredibly fluid movement. He has long strides and lots of engagement from behind. He has been very easy so far in his training and is a natural tolter with lots of speed in tolt. He also has a very beautiful trot and smooth canter. He will make a lovely competition or riding horse. Price will increase with training.

Price Group C