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We have a wide selection of horses for sale, not all of which are listed here. For more information about the horses we have available please email us at Prices are subject to increase with training. 

Price groups
A - $0 - $4,999
B - $5,000 - $9,999
C - $10,000 - $14,999
D - $15,000 - $19,999
E - $20,000 - $29,999
F - 30,000 or more

Minjagripurinn from Triple D 
Gelding Red dun 
June 15, 2013 

Sire: CA2006102393 - Hemmingur from Fitjamyri (7.82) 
SS: IS1996184156 - Flugar frá Skálakoti (7.54) 
SD: IS1993284436 - Gæfa frá Litlu-Hildisey 

Dam: CA2003201775 - Hugrökk Hjarta from Eagle Acres 
DS: IS1988187201 - Fengur frá Stokkseyri (8.03) 
DD: IS1993284372 - Snör frá Skíðbakka I 

Minjagripurinn (Minja as we call him) is a very sweet five gaited gelding with lots of easy tolt. At only five years old, Minja is a seasoned and trustworthy trail horse. He has been taken up the mountains, in the river and to the beach. He can safely carry riders of a variety of levels and has been ridden by confident kids. All of his gaits are smooth and easy to ask for. He is also well educated in basic dressage which makes him a very fun mount for even an experienced rider. Minja has been ridden in many different situations and has been part of a drill team that showed at the Northwest Horse Expo. He is extremely reliable for his age and has a very hardworking attitude. He has no vices and jumps right into the trailer. Healthy, sound, and good for the farrier. 

Price Group C

Andvari from Vindsdalur 
Gelding Palomino Pinto 
Born May 14, 2013 

Sire: US2008103875 - Blær from Sand Meadow (8.08) 
SS: IS1996156333 - Stígandi frá Leysingjastöðum II (8.27) 
SD: IS1983260006 - Birna frá Akureyri (7.5) 

Dam: IS1996286573 - Snæja frá Ási 1 (7.69) 
DS: IS1991184286 - Kolskeggur frá Miðey (8.05) 
DD: IS1982286562 - Gletta frá Ási 1 (7.55) 

Andvari is a tall gelding with very nice conformation and stunning looks. He is friendly and curious but can be a little shy at first. He is five gaited and has a very natural tolt. He was started under saddle and knows the basics. He is currently continuing his training. He is sure to make a wonderful riding horse with his smooth gaits and easy tolt. Price will increase with training. 

Price Group C