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We have a wide selection of horses for sale, not all of which are listed here. For more information about the horses we have available please email us at Prices are subject to increase with training. We also often have a selection of used tack available, see here.

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Rúbín from Five-Gait Farm


Red bay gelding with a star  Born 2017

Sire: Vindur from Dalalif (8.16)

SS: Hrafn frá Garðabæ (8.24)

SD: Gola frá Höfðabrekku (8.25)

Dam: Rán frá Flugumýri II

DD: Rós frá Flugumýri 

DS: Kormákur frá Flugumýri II (8.30)

Rúbín is a very well trained gelding with a smaller build, standing 13.1. He is a natural tolter with a smooth effortless tolt. He also has a nicely balanced trot and canter. He is well educated with ground work, lunging and under saddle both in the arena and on the trail. He is very responsive to the aids, soft in the bridle and trained in basic dressage movements and on practical trail obstacles (opening gates etc.). He has been on several camping trips to the coast and the mountains and thrives out on the trail. He has also been to the Oregon Horse Center Indoor Mountain Trail Course several times and shown in the Northwest Gaited Horse Association Spring Show. Rúbín's smooth fun gaits will leave a smile on your face! Rúbín would do best with confident rider who has good control of their aids as he is responsive and sensitive to what the rider is asking but with a good rider he is very easy to control. He is UTD on shoeing, vaccines, teeth and deworming and is ready to find his partner! 

Inquire for price and video. Serious inquiries only. 

Tindur from Five-Gait Farm


Black gelding Born 2018

Sire: Vindur from Dalalif (8.16)

SS: Hrafn frá Garðabæ (8.24)

SD: Gola frá Höfðabrekku (8.25)

Dam: Tjara from Illif´s Icelandics

DS: Fengur frá Stokkseyri (8.03)

DD: Bjalla from Icelandic Horse Farm

Tindur is a very talented tall gelding with the potential to be very successful in sport competition and dressage. Tindur is four gaited with big strides and nice movements in all this gaits. His gaits are easy and effortless with very good balence. Tindur is well educated in basic dressage and has been ridden on the trails. He has been shown at the Northwest Gaited Horse Association Spring Show and will be shown in sport competition this fall if he is still with us. He has also been ridden on the indoor trail courses, through water crossings and over many types of obstacles. We would like Tindur to find a home that will use his talents and hopefully show him. He is UTD on shoeing, vaccines, teeth and deworming.

Inquire for price and video. Serious inquiries only. 

Seiðdís from Five-Gait Farm

Registration Pending

Bay Dun Pinto Filly Born 2023

Sire: Styrkur frá Skagaströnd

SS: Klettur frá Hvammi (8.49)

SD: Þjóð frá Skagaströnd (8.34)

Dam: Drottning frá Fellshlið

DS: Bjarni frá Lundum II (8.48)

DD: Dáfríður frá Hríshóli (7.84)

Seiðdís is a striking bay dun pinto filly who was imported in utero. Her dam is a fantastic riding horse who was used for private riding tours in Iceland. Her sire is a successful youth competition horse in Iceland. Seiðdís is a sweet, confident filly who shows natural tolt. She has also shown trot and canter however tolt is certainly her gait of choice. She is very smart and will be fun to train! She has been halter trained, trailer loaded, had her feet trimmed and is UTD on vaccines and deworming. She is looking for a partner with the knowledge to raise and train her correctly. Contact us if you might be interested in making this gorgeous filly yours!

Price Group B

Röskva from Five-Gait Farm


Chestnut Mare with a star Born 2016


Sire: US2014104940 - Safír from Five-Gait Farm

SS: IS1993125120 - Flygill frá Mosfellsbæ (7.83)

SD: IS1992258514 - Sara frá Króki (7.67)


Dam: US2009204306 - Rósa from Dalalif

DS: IS1994125409 - Hrafn frá Garðabæ (8.24)

DD: IS1993265598 - Rák frá Akureyri (8.39)

Röskva is a very sweet and well trained 7 year old mare that stands at 13.3 hands. She was started using natural horsemanship methods and has been under saddle since she was 4 years old. She has done numerous camping trips, and has been ridden extensively on the trails, many of which she ponied a young horse alongside her. She has done all of this both in the mountains and at the beach. She has been to the Oregon Horse Center Mountain Indoor Trail course multiple times, and has been used to help younger horses complete the obstacles. Röskva is four gaited with a strong trot and canter. She loves the trail, but would also do very well in the dressage ring. She knows basic level dressage and is sensitive to the aids. Her combination of bravery and sensitivity would make her a great endurance prospect. Due to her sensitivity she would best suited for an intermediate rider. She has lots of love to give and is ready to find her forever home! Video available upon request.

Price $15,000

Magni from Five-Gait Farm


Black Colt Born 11/2021

Sire: Sókrates frá Langholti II

SS: Grunur frá Oddhóli 

SD: Alda frá Langholti II

Dam: Maeja from Tuskast

DS: Tindur from Fitjamyri

DD: Bjoert from Vindsdalur

Magni is a super friendly and brave youngster with an extremely calm temperment. He takes everything in stride and is a very quick learner. Magni is average height for his age and should mature around 13.2-13.3. He is very likely to have extremely long hair like his dam. He has big wide movements and very well balanced gaits. He has been ponied and taught to lunge which he does with ease. He is excellent for the farrier and is UTD on vaccines and deworming. 

Price Group B


Rómur from Five-Gait Farm


Flaxen Chestnut w/ star Gelding Born 2018

Sire: Arion from Five-Gait Farm

SS: Þór frá Prestsbakka

SD: Aradís from Five-Gait Farm

Dam: Röskva from Five-Gait Farm

DS: Safír from Five-Gait Farm

DD: Rósa from Dalalif

Rómur is a beautiful young gelding with a brave and sweet temperment. He stands 13.3 hands and is a real looker with his long blonde hair. He is easy to work with and learns things quickly with no drama. He has also been ponied and ridden on both mountain and flat trails. He is confident crossing water and bridges. He is five gaited with four trained clear gaits. He was shown in the NWGHA show and took first and third in his classes. He has also been ridden several times at the Indoor Mountain Trail Course by youth riders and did every obstacle including the waterfall with ease. His brave and engaging personality is sure to make him an excellent partner for anything! He could excel as a trail horse, in novice level Icelandic competition, dressage, endurance, you name it! He jumps right into the trailer and is very comfortable with tying and farrier work. UTD on vaccines, teeth, farrier, etc. Video available by request. Price will continue to increase with continued training.

Price $18,000  


Njála from Fitjamyri


Chestnut Pinto Mare Born 2016


Sire: Tyr from Fitjamyri

SS: Fengur frá Stokkseyri

SD: Bylgja frá Ketilsstöðum


Dam: Elska from Triple D 

DS: Bragur from Fitjamyri

DD: Svipa from Fitjamyri


Njála is a flashy 7 year old chestnut pinto mare. She is very friendly, confident and easy to work with. She is responsive to the aids and likes to move out when asked. She is four gaited with well balanced smooth trot and canter. Her tolt is smooth and high stepping. She would excel in dressage work or possibly even jumping because her gaits are very balanced. She also LOVES the trail and is very confident and brave. We also think she could make a good endurance prospect or a youth pony club or games/gymkhana pony. She is energetic, enjoys working and engaging with people. This cutie is sure to make someone an excellent all around riding partner! 

Price $14,000


Aría from Five-Gait Farm 


Black Mare with a star Born 2017

Sire: Vindur from Dalalif (8.16)

SS: Hrafn frá Garðabæ (8.24)

SD: Gola frá Höfðabrekku (8.25)

Dam: Aradís from Five-Gait Farm

DS: Flygill frá Mosfellsbæ

DD: Katina from Coldstream Icelandics

Aría is an experienced 6 year old mare with a calm and "happy go lucky" personality. She is four gaited with four clean, smooth gaits. She has had lots of trail experience including many camping trips to the mountains and the beach. She is fearless about water and will swim in lakes and rivers. She has also been to the Oregon Horse Center Extreme Indoor Trail Course and did all the obstacles with ease with a beginner kid on her. She was shown in California this spring in the green horse classes and scored very nicely! She has a well balanced and smooth trot and canter making her a strong candidate for dressage activities. She has a very nice tolt with a clear beat. She walks very calmly down the trail on a loose rein and is never in a hurry. She will make a fabulous relaxed trail partner and could also make someone happy in the competition ring. 

Email for video.

Price $20,000


Bót frá Feti


Blue Dun Mare Born 2002

Sire: Orri frá Þúfu í Landeyjum (8.34)

SS: Otur frá Sauðárkróki (8.37)

SD: Dama frá Þúfu í Landeyjum

Dam: Brynja frá Skarði (7.64)

DS: Fengur frá Bringu 

DD: Glæta frá Skarði

Bót is a first prize mare who is looking for someone to enjoy riding her as she has retired from being a broodmare. Bót has been a wonderful mother, producing many extremely beautiful foals. Since her last foal she has been enjoyed by many riders in our riding school program, however we long for Bót to enjoy having her own person to spend time with in her golden years. Bót has never had any health issues or been lame a day in her life. She is strong and will be ready to carry a rider for many years to come. Bót has excellent gaits with a very smooth floating tolt, lovely trot and excellent canter. She is brave on the trail and well trained to the aids. She is responsive to the aids so would do best with a rider who has good control of their aids. We would love to find her the perfect home where she will get all the one on one attention she deserves. She certainly does not need to go, so we will only be considering the best of homes for her and she will be sold with a first right of refusal clause. If you are looking to enjoy a high quality mare with the sweetest temperament, she might be the perfect horse for you!

Price $5,000


 Ljúfa from Five-Gait Farm 


Bay Dun Mare Born 2019

Sire: Ljósvængur from Mountain Icelandics

SS: IS2006181110 - Þeyr frá Holtsmúla 1 (8.39)

SD: IS2008256063 - Villimey frá Þórormstungu


Dam: Tromma frá Kjarri (7.76)

DS: Platon frá Sauðárkróki (8.08)

DD: Bára frá Skarði (7.83)

 Ljúfa is a very sweet and calm tempered young mare. She has very nice gaits with lots of natural tolt as well as easy trot and canter. She has been taught to lunge and is very responsive to the aids. She has carried a light saddle with ease and has also been lightly ponied. She will be ready to start next year. She is very brave and will make an excellent trail horse in the future. Train her yourself and make her into exactly what you want! Don’t miss this special, beautiful girl!

Price $10,000


Viðar from Five-Gait Farm 


Silver Smokey Black (Glóbrún) Stallion Born 2017

Sire: Vindur from Dalalif (8.16)

SS: Hrafn frá Garðabæ (8.24)

SD: Gola frá Höfðabrekku (8.25)

 Dam: Unnur frá Sólvangi

DS: Spölur frá Hafsteinsstöðum (8.09) 

DD: Bára frá Köldukinn

Viðar is a very well trained 5 year old with an incredible amount of expereince for his age. He is a brave and phenominal trail horse and has been on horse camping trips. He has also been to several shows and traveled around the US to several venues. He is five gaited with a smooth and very natural tolt, strong and balanced trot, and clear beated canter. He is currently leading the USIHC Green Horse Four Gait National Ranking with a score of 5.77. This young stallion has a very bright future and would make an incredible youth competition and train horse. He has a very easy going personality and loves attention. He is a quiet stallion and has produced two lovely foals, a silver smokey black filly and a palomino carrying silver filly. With his ability two throw the creme and silver genes he really is the whole package, personality, bravery, talent, and color! 

Price $40,000


Eldur frá Margarétarhofi


Chestnut Gelding Born 2013

Sire: Konsert frá Korpu (8.61)

SS: Sær frá Bakkakoti (8.62)

SD: Hátíð frá Hellu (8.03)

Dam: Askja frá Margrétarhofi (8.13)

DS: Þokki frá Kýrholti (8.73)

DD: Katla frá Vestra-Fíflholti (8.13)

Eldur is an extremely well trained gelding who has four wonderful gaits. He has a very smooth tolt, big trot and well balanced canter. He is also a brave trail horse and loves being ridden by kids. He is soft on the reins and very responsive to the leg aids. He knows basic dressage and lateral work. He has a very sweet personality and always tries his best. He will make an amazing partner for someone who wants a horse who will really bond with them! 

Video to come. 

Price $15,000


Berta frá Eyvindarmúla


6 yo Red Dun Mare


Sire: IS2008165645 - Hrafn frá Efri-Rauðalæk (8.84)

SS: IS1993187449 - Markús frá Langholtsparti (8.36)

SD: IS1992258514 - Hind frá Vatnsleysu


Dam: IS2002286902 - Bót frá Feti (8.03)

DS: IS1986186055 - Orri frá Þúfu í Landeyjum (8.34)

DD: IS1984286035 - Brynja frá Skarði (7.64)


Berta is a young mare that has it all! She is tall, standing about 14.0 hands, with beautiful red dun coloring and very nice conformation. Berta is only six years old and is both an experienced riding horse as well as a proven broodmare. Berta is the offspring of two first prize horses. Her dam is the daughter of the famous Orri frá Þúfu and is first prize with many good offspring. Her sire is the well-known Hrafn frá Efri-Rauðalæk who has 8.84 total in evaluations with 9.5 for pace and spirit with 9 for tolt, gallop and general impression. Berta was imported from Iceland in 2020 and gave us a beautiful colt following her arrival. Since arriving to the US, Berta has been ridden extensively on trails and continued her formal training. She is easy to ride with well trained gaits. She is soft on the rein, responsive to the aids and familiar with all basic dressage exercises. She has been horse camping and ridden on the beach as well as in the mountains. She is a special horse to have so much life experience at such her age and is ready to make someone very happy! She is UTD on vaccines, deworming, teeth, hoof care, etc. 



Leikur from Dalalif 


10yo gelding black w/ star


Sire: IS1994125409 - Hrafn frá Garðabæ (8.24)

SS: IS1986186055 - Orri frá Þúfu í Landeyjum (8.34)

SD: IS1981213001 - Buska frá Garðabæ (7.39)


Dam: IS1993265598 - Rák frá Akureyri (8.39)

DS: IS1988165525 - Höldur frá Brún (8.06)

DD: IS1984257067 - Birta frá Hofsstaðaseli (7.91)


Leikur is a big beautiful gelding who has “been there, done that” so to speak. Leikur is four gaited and stands about 14 hands. He very talented and athletic with wide movements and big gaits. He has been ridden extensively on the trail, been on many camping trips both in the mountains and at the coast. He loves water and has been swimming in the river and ridden through the waves at the beach. He even goes swimming on his own at home in the pond in his pasture. Leikur has a very engaged and fun personality, he lives up to his name’s meaning “playful and lively.” He has been used to teach our young horses to pony on the trail and he is a good role model with his brave character. Leikur is the half brother of our stallion Vindur and shares his brother’s exceptional talent and gait quality. This year Leikur was shown in the USIHC Spring Virtual Competiton in the Green Horse Division. Leikur won the Green Horse Four Gait class with 5.90 and was the division champion. Due to COVID, this is only the beginning of Leikur’s competition career but we are certain that he would do well competition in any division including open. He will be shown this fall if he is still with us. Leikur is looking for a special someone to enjoy all of his wonderful qualities and continue to use him to his fullest potential. Video available upon request. 


Price $26,000


Arion from Five-Gait Farm


6yo black gelding


Sire: IS1994185027 - Þór frá Prestsbakka (8.24)

SS: IS1988176100 - Svartur frá Unalæk (8.54)

SD: IS1982286002 - Gyðja frá Gerðum (8.11)


Dam: US2009204207 - Aradís from Five-Gait Farm

DS: IS1993125120 - Flygill frá Mosfellsbæ (7.83)

DD: CA1996201259 - Katina from Coldstream Icelandics


Arion is a handsome four gaited gelding standing 13.1 hands. He was raised and trained at our farm to become an all-around riding horse. He is well schooled in basic dressage and his well-balanced trot and canter make this work easy for him. He has been ridden a lot on the trail and has been used to pony our young horses out on the trail. We have taken him horse camping which he enjoys. He has been ridden on the beach and through the river as well as through obstacle courses. He is responsive to the aids but not super forward so would do fine with an intermediate rider. His four good quality gaits would also make him into a fine novice or intermediate sport competition horse. Arion is young and has the makings to make someone a long time riding partner. He is UTD on vaccines, teeth, deworming, farrier work. He ties, clips, trailers, bathes, etc. with ease. Video available upon request!


Price $14,000