Musics For Practice

Places to Find Music for Your Practice at Home (longer wave video)

Waves (one we used in class) (Taiji Music 3 hours) (Taiji Music 2:45 hours) (Taiji and Relaxing music) (Chinese relax music 47m) (one theme flute, piano) (mixed) (OliverShanti1) (OliverShanti2) (Relaxing Piano Music) (Kitaro1) (Kitaro2) (Kitaro-WestLake) (Kitaro-Flying Celestial) (Kitaro-Heaven&Earth) (Kitaro Faraway Land) (Relaxing cello and mix instrument) (3-hour relaxing) (6-hour Zen Meditation) (Zen music) (Yoga Meditation music 2 hr) (Meditation Relaxing music 3 hr) (Meditation Relaxing music 3 hr repetition) (Meditation music 2 hr) (Karunesh) (Flute and instruments) (Chinese 1 hr) (Chinese 1 hr. traditional) (3 hr spa music) (3-hour Celtic flute and piano) (Om 8 hrs) (Om 3hr) (Deva Premal 58m) (Deva Premal 57m) (Gentle stream sound) (Metta = Loving kindness) (Disney piano) (Disney piano) (Relaxing Piano) (Pacifying music 47m) (Yanni Nightingale 5m) (Relaxing Piano 3 hr) (Relaxing Piano 3 hr)