Fitness299 健康運動班

Simple Effective

Exercises for


Mind & Body

Fitness 299 tm Exercise Series is a set of wellness exercise programs designed for all age groups and fitness conditions. They can be learned quickly and put to regular practice at home or at the office. The elements of our classes came from traditional Chinese and Indian therapeutic breathing, stretching, meditation, Taiji, Wushu, Qigong, and Yoga.

Our style - Simple and Effective

- Smooth-flowing with an emphasis on

- Mindfulness, Precision, and safety

- Effective

- Easy

This set of exercises can help improve your health and the well-being of your body and mind. The individual result varies, but students generally believe they are healthier, more energetic, and less stressful every day. Apply what you learn here to your other gym exercises, Yoga, Taiji, martial arts, meditation and see significant improvement in your other practices and health. And avoid sports injuries.

Our methodology

- Breaking practice elements into small pieces

- Repeat and reinforce each element

- Layer on new skills over the set of learned elements

Relieves Experienced by Some Students.

High blood pressure, stress, sleep disorder, back/ shoulder pains, over weight, diabetes, asthma, sleep apnea, allergies, depression, chemotherapy side effects.

Supportive Learning

Fun. Feel good after practice. No pressure. Everyone learns at his or her own pace and from one another.

Students can choose from a selection of classes to suit individual needs. Unlike many group classes, we have a high teacher to student ratio, and our teachers can tailor the exercise to your current need and capability. No one is left behind.

Easy exercises for regular people with a busy life. Get fit and achieve amazing results. Live healthier and happier now. If you like our approach, please come and try the classes.

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Join Us on A Joyful Journey of Music, Movement, and Meditation

Mind-Body Exercise and Mindfulness Practice



Private / Work-Place Classes:

Tailor to your time on your own site.

On video or in the park

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Taiji. Qigong. Yoga. Meditation


(雙語 Bilingual)

Taiji+ Qigong is a new class that allows beginners to quickly feel the combined health benefits of these two major disciplines of traditional Chinese fitness exercises / martial arts. This new curriculum is developed with the intention of building a solid foundation for our students that is applicable to all mind-body exercises and meditation. We blend breathing exercises, meditation and easy stretching, rigorous warm-up movements into each class. In particular, this class helps students build a solid practice of therapeutic breathing habits that can improve health and vitality. Taiji and Qigong are recommended therapeutic exercises that are a part of the Traditional Chinese Medicine. It rejuvenates internal organs, expands lung capacity, and enhances circulation, immunity, and energy levels. This class builds the foundation skills for Level 1 or 2 meditation and Intermediate Taiji. The techniques learned here can be applied to your daily activities at home, work, or during other exercises like Yoga, Taiji, martial arts, wushu, dance, meditation, etc. This class focuses on the internal Qi moment and will introduce movement exercises and meditation to reinforce the core learning. Other than Taiji movement like Yang style routines, other traditional Chinese therapeutic movement exercises are used. Suitable for all ages and fitness level.

Curriculum 課程

  • This is the class that was featured in our public seminars with the American Cancer Society

  • Taiji Qi Breathing Techniques 太極吐納, 氣功

  • Taiji Movements - including short routines and Yang style 24

  • Supplementary Traditional Exercises 其他傳統健身功法

Introduction to Taiji and Qigong


Public Classes

Offered by: The City of Cupertino

Venue: Quinlan Community Center

In Person Session at Quinlan Center

10185 N. Stelling Road, Cupertino, CA 95014

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  • - Introduction to Taiji and Qigong (Saturday 09:00 - 10:15AM)

No Class: Fall Spring Summer

Activities Room - Bilingual

  • - Intermediate Chen Taiji Level 2 (Saturday 10:30 - 11:45 AM)

No Class: Fall Spring Summer

Activities Room - Bilingual

Call the front desk at Quinlan Center (408) 777-3120 for the latest prices.

Drop-in pass is an option. Trying out is free.

庫比蒂諾市郡蘭社區中心大樓 (De Anza 太學對面)


09點 -10點15分 太極+氣功 初級班

10點30分 - 11點45分 Chen 中级 太極班




Taiji: A Gentle But Effective Exercise

Meditation: About Mindfulness and its Benefits meditation-helps-fight-insomnia-improves-sleep


On Meditation from Australian TV

The Science of Meditation – can it really change you?

From infamous criminals, to powerful corporations, to some of the world’s most successful athletes, meditation has never been so popular. But can it really make you smarter, happier and healthier? New research shows that it can affect the body as well as the mind, slow down the aging process, and even alter the structure of the brain. Dr Graham Phillips embarks on an eight week meditation course and undergoes a raft of rigorous brain tests and scans, to find out if the ancient art lives up to the current hype



09:00 - 10:15 Saturday 周六

Quinlan Community Center


Do this class first before you start any Yoga, Taiji, or meditation practice.

It will help you learn faster.

And get the benefit of Yoga, Taiji, or meditation sooner.


10:30 - 11:45 Saturday 周六

Quinlan Community Center

Intermediate Taiji (Chen Style) 太極

(雙語 Bilingual)

This is the best class for those who have not been exercising regularly for years.

A good foundation in Taiji, will help you learn other sports faster and avoid injuries.

We teach exercises based on balance, breathing, and stretching. It rejuvenates internal organs, expands lung capacity, and enhances circulation, immunity and energy levels. This track focuses on classic Taiji styles (Yang and Chen in rotation through the years).

You will begin with simple stretching and breathing exercises to create awareness of your body movements and to calm your mind. Through gentle and slow movements of Taiji, you will gain strength, flexibility, and balance.

The techniques learned here can be applied to your daily activities at home, work, or during other exercises like Yoga, Taiji, martial arts, wushu, dance, meditation, etc. Suitable for all ages and fitness level. We instill key elements of Zen into the exercises in this class series. We will use a different exercise as a focused practice in the classroom from quarter to quarter.

This class focuses on gentle movement and will introduce meditation to reinforce the core learning. Suitable for all ages and fitness level.

      • Awareness, mindfulness. Improve attention and focus at school and at work.

      • Movement - slow and fluid movements improve the body's alignment, posture, strength, flexibility, balance, and stamina. Stretching, strengthening, warming, and lubrication of muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia, and other connective tissues

      • Breathing - mindfulness of rhythmical breathing increases relaxation and circulation. More blood flows to the muscles and brain. Natural and freer breathing

      • Meditation - moving meditation dissipates stress and anxiety, helps relieve pains caused by psychological and emotional triggers.

Taiji and its health benefits

Here is a word from Jet Li, Kung Fu Action Movie Star

Here is a word from the New York Times

The following video on Yang and Chen Taiji show what you can do if you practice diligently over time:



2:00 - 3:30 PM Saturday 周六

San Jose

Please ask the instructor for reopening plan

Mindfulness Meditation (L2)

養生靜坐中级班 (中文普通话)

262 East Gish Road, San Jose (IN CHINESE)

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PM Wednesday and Friday


Please ask the instructor for reopening plan

Mindfulness Meditation (L2)