Exercises for 
Mind & Body

Fitness 299 (tm)  健康運動班

Fitness 299 tm  Exercise Series is a set of wellness exercise programs designed for all age groups and fitness conditions. They can be learned quickly and put to regular practice at home or at the office. The elements of our classes came from traditional Chinese and Indian therapeutic breathing, stretching, meditation, Taiji,  Wushu, Qigong, and  Yoga. 

Our style
- Smooth-flowing with an emphasis on
- Mindfulness, Precision, and safety
- Effective
- Easy

This set of exercises can help improve your health and the well-being of your body and mind.  The individual result varies, but students generally believe they are healthier, more energetic, and less stressful every day. Apply what you learn here to your other gym exercises, Yoga, Taiji, martial arts, meditation and see significant improvement in your other practices and health. And avoid sports injuries.
Our methodology
- Breaking practice elements into small pieces
- Repeat and reinforce each element 
- Layer on new skills over the set of learned elements

Students can choose from a selection of classes to suit individual needs. Unlike many group classes, we have a high teacher to student ratio, and our teachers can tailor the exercise to your current need and capability. No one is left behind.

Easy exercises for regular people with a busy life. Get fit and achieve amazing results. Live healthier and happier now.  If you like our approach, please come and try the classes.

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Join Us on A Joyful Journey of Music, Movement, and Meditation
Mind-Body Exercise and Mindfulness Practice


Private / Work-Place Classes:  
Tailor to your time on your own site.
On video or in the park

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Taiji. Qigong. Yoga. Meditation
Relieves Experienced by Some Students. 

High blood pressure, stress, sleep disorder, back/ shoulder pains, over weight, diabetes, asthma, sleep apnea,allergies, depression, chemotherapy side effects.

Supportive Learning

Fun. Feel good after practice. No pressure. Everyone learns  at his or her own pace and from one another.