Hypokalemia is a term that refers to a low blood concentration of potassium. Potassium is an important electrolyte within the body, and is vital for the normal function of muscles and nerves.  Hypokalemia causes cats to feel quite ill, and if the potassium becomes too low, it can be fatal.

When treating hypokalemia, there are a variety of options.  Potassium supplements are available in powder, gel, tablet, and liquid forms.  Renal K powder can be added to the cat’s food, while Renal K gel can be given to the cat orally, or alternatively, placed on the cat’s lip or paws to encourage them to lick it off themselves.  If the cat is given subcutaneous fluids, potassium can be added to the bag of LRS. Potassium tablets, are available as well, and can be divided and placed into pill pockets for easier administration.  The tablets are quite large.

After starting the cat on a treatment for hypokalemia, blood work should be rechecked to make sure the potassium levels are adequate.

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