Pet Loss Support

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Kim Richan, MSW


If time allows and you are considering euthanasia, you may want to seek the services of a trained grief counselor/psychotherapist to prepare yourself emotionally.  The loss of a pet can be a deeply emotional experience and giving yourself the time and space to accept this loss, even before it happens, can make the process easier on you and speed your eventual healing.

You may also want to seek the services of a counselor/therapist if your pet has already passed and you are struggling with ongoing feelings of grief or overwhelming sadness about your loss.  Grief is a very personal process and each of us experiences it differently; some people feel grief right away and others have delayed grief that shows up sometime after the initial loss.  Whatever the case, a trained therapist can help you make sense of your feelings and help guide you in a healthy grieving process that honors your loss and allows you to regain balance and perspective.

Grief Counseling:

Diedra Knowlton