Enticing Your Cat to Eat

Most importantly, your cat needs to eat.  Once your cat is eating, you can slowly switch him or her to the perfect diet.  We recommend poultry because it is easier for cats to digest.  For finicky eaters, we've listed some suggestions below.

Try a variety of foods:

• Canned chicken or tuna from the grocery store.  Light tuna is more pungent and may be more appetizing.

• Meat baby foods without onion or garlic

• Cooked meats

• Deli-meat

• Lactose-free milk

• Dry food (Try both high quality and low quality food.  Some cats prefer Friskies over Evo.)

Try sprinking tasty substances on canned food:

• Parmesan cheese

• Fortiflora.  This is a probiotic that also enhances the flavor of foods due to the fact that it contains animal digest, the same substance that makes dry food appealing to cats.  Fortiflora comes in packets that can be sprinkled on the food.  We have samples at the clinic, and you can also purchase it from us online:


• Freeze-dried meat.  Freeze-dried chicken and fish can be obtained at Mud Bay.

• Crushed dry foods, sprinkled on top of the canned food

Fuss over your cat and give him or her individual attention:

• If your cat prefers to eat alone, away from other animals, place them in a quiet setting to eat.

• Try spoon feeding your cat.

• Pet your cat while he or she is in front of the food bowl.  This may stimulate his or her appetite.

• Try warming up refrigerated food to mouse temperature.  Cats often prefer it warmed up.

• Feed him or her frequently during the day.  (Feral cats eat 10 to 20 small meals a day in the their natural environment.)