Who Are Eric and Noelle Grunwald?
Eric Grunwald and Noelle Theres met at YMCA Storer Camps in Jackson, Michigan back in January of 2001. They had both taken jobs there as environmental educators, but neither knew that their lives were about to change. They quickly became good friends and by the end of February they were officially boyfriend and girlfriend. 
After their jobs in Michigan ended they went on an amazing adventure in Isle Royale National Park together before parting ways for a bit. Eric headed to Stratton, Maine to work as a caretaker on the Appalachian Trail, while Noelle headed to the southern Black Hills of South Dakota for her second season at Wind Cave National Park. While they missed each other while apart, they survived the experience and reunited that fall. Unfortunately, fate would tear them apart again when Noelle moved to Pennsylvania to teach environmental education and Eric took a job on a trail crew in Arizona.   
Following their winter apart, Eric and Noelle reunited by working together at Wind Cave National Park for the summer and moving to New Mexico together to work at Carlsbad Caverns National Park the following winter. For the next year, alternating between these two national parks worked out pretty well, but
the twosome was starting to get a bit tired of the seasonal lifestyle. In April of 2005 Noelle took a job with Kentucky State Parks at Natural Bridge State Park and Eric and Noelle moved to Clay City, Kentucky.
Noelle really enjoyed her job in Kentucky, but Eric had a difficult time finding employment. And so, in the winter of 2005-2006 Eric headed back to Wind Cave National Park. Noelle got to visit Eric in January. They headed down to Rocky Mountain National Park for a long weekend and Eric proposed to Noelle. She said yes, of course! They also spent some time exploring the park on snowshoes before Noelle returned home.
When Eric's season in South Dakota was over, he headed back to Kentucky with Noelle and together they moved from Clay City to Lexington. Eric worked at McConnell Springs park and eventually enrolled at the University of Kentucky. Noelle and Eric set a wedding date for August of 2007 and decided to get married at Yellowstone National Park.  Eric earned his teaching certificate in elementary education in April of 2009 and by this time Noelle became tired of the politics and long commute to Natural Bridge State Park and she too found employment at McConnell Springs.
Soon Noelle decided that she wished to head back to school to earn her master's degree. We would be moving to Duluth, Minnesota. We spent the summer of 2009 back at Wind Cave National Park and then moved into a small house in Duluth.We remained in Duluth for about two years until Eric was offered a permanent job
with the National Park Service at Carlsbad Caverns National Park in New Mexico in late summer of 2011. We lived in Carlsbad for about a year and a half, before moving east to Tennessee to be a little bit closer to our families. 

This site replaces the original "Eric and Noelle's Adventures. Eric created the old site back around 2007. The site was hosted by Yahoo Geocities which was shut down in 2009 and for a while we had no website. Eric relaunched this site in May of 2012 so our friends and family to keep up to date on all of our adventures.

Their Individual Profiles

Eric Grunwald

Eric was born in Philadelphia and grew up in Wyncote, Pennsylvania. He attended college at East Stroudsburg University in the Poconos and graduated with a degree in Parks and Recreation Management. After graduation he thru-hiked the entire length of the Appalachian Trail. Eric went on to work at YMCA Storer Camps environmental education center where he met the love of his life Noelle. Watch a short, autobiographical video Eric made for a college project.

Noelle Grunwald

Noelle Grunwald was born in Racine, Wisconsin. She attended college at the University of Wisconsin at Stevens Point where she earned a degree in Environmental Education/Biology. She is currently finishing up her thesis to earn her Master's Degree in Environmental Education at the University of Minnesota Duluth.