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8. Traditional Stories of the country

Anoher important part of the culture of a country is its literature, its stories, its traditional folk tales. A traditional folk tale is a story which tries to explain something, maybe a natural phenomena or maybe a situation or the origin of something, they are very important for the culture. 
Here you have an example about an American Indian Folktale explaining how the earth was made. 

Now it is your turn to investigate about traditional stories of the country you have chosen for the project. Here we offer you different websites to look for a story which you like it. 

Once you have chosen the story you will create a Google Drive Presentation in which you are going to retell the storie with your own words, let use some pictures (remember when you are goingo to look for pictures Google gives you the oportunity of looking for free images, let's use them).

When you finish the presentation. You will  record  a podcast with the story. You can use different tools for it.
  • Vocaroo (It's very easy, you don't have to register. REMEMBER TO TAKE THE EMBED CODE AS SOON AS YOU FINISH, if not you will lose it).
  • Soundcloud (A bit more complicated, you have to create an account. You will have it on the website all the time you need and it is free)
The final products for this task will be the presentation and the podcast. They will be part of the final Tourist guide.