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7. Music of the country.

What do you know about different types of music? I invite you to have a look to this website where you will learn about different kinds of music and when they were famous. You need to take a look to it to do the next activity.

With this activity you can check what you have learnt about the music and its history.

ACTIVITY 2: Famous singers in the country.
In this activity you will record a video in which you will sing a song of one of the famous singers in the country you have chosen. You have to record the video with the Screen-o-matic, but this time you will use the webcam to record how you perform it and sing the song.
So first you will watch the video and try to understand everything, then you have to think about what you are going to do during the video and at the end you have to record it.

Here you have the links of the songs.

This video will be a part of your Tourist Guide. You have to embed the video you have recorded and also you have to include some information about the singer.