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4. Traditional clothing of the country you have chosen.

The national dress or the traditional clothes of the country are also important parts of each culture. All of them are really different, and learning about them can explain some parts of the history or traditions. Let's have a look about the one you have chosen. 

ACTIVITY ONE: Vocabulary about clothes.
Here you have a presentation about clothes in which you will find the main vocabulary to describe the traditional clothes of the country.

Let's practice with the vocabulary. What are they wearing?

ACTIVITY TWO: Compartive Adjectives.
We will have a quick look to the gramatical aspects of adjectives: comparatives adjectives and superlatives adjectives. First, we will study it through this presentation and then we will practise with an activity.
FINAL ACTIVITY: Comparing traditional clothes.
Here you have a Drive Presentation about the Traditional Clothes of your province, Palencia. 
Please, take a look at this presentation and it will serve you as help to create your final work for this task to be included in your Tourist guide: You have to create a DRIVE Presentation in which you have to compare the national dress of the country you have chosen and the traditional clothes from Palencia. 
Remember you have to use the comparatives. 
The presentation should have four slides:
  • The cover.
  • The photos.
  • The comparative sentences.
  • The farewell.
This presentation will be the final product of this task that you will include on the Tourist Guide.

This websites can be useful for you: