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5. Symbols of the country

National Symbols are the type of things that represent a country. For example: the flag, the coat of arms, the national animal, the national anthem or the national plant or tree. Here you have an example of your country: Spain.

FINAL TASK: Each group has to create a Google Docs Presentation about the National Symbols of the country your group has chosen.
Remember to include the cover page on this presentation.
These are the National Symbols of the country that you will include:
  • Flag.
  • Coat of arms.
  • National plant.
  • National animal.
  • If you want you can add other symbols, or something that represents the country in other way i.e. Pasta - Italy, Great wall - China)
This presentation will be included in your Tourist Guide.

You should use these webpages to look for information:
Australian National Symbols