Niespolo Lab, Princeton University


I combine field work with applications in isotope geochemistry to assess correlations of local and global environmental changes to evolution and adaptation. 

I am an Assistant Professor at Princeton University in the Department of Geosciences. I am also an Affiliated Faculty at the High Meadows Environmental Institute (HMEI) and a Research Associate at the Human Evolution Research Institute (HERI).  

For interested researchers: I am setting up a Uranium-series geochronology lab at Princeton University. Please contact me if you are interested in collaborating! 

For more on the science of my past and current work, please see the research tabs.


May 2023: Our paper is out in Nature Communications: Biology on the first fossil of the Ethiopian wolf dated to ~1.6 to 1.4 Ma. Ecological forecasting projects the timing of range reduction and potential extinction of this iconic species endemic to the Ethiopian Highlands. Check it out here

October 2022: Our paper on the Liri basin glacial deposits is out in Nature: Scientific Reports! See here for the open access link.

July-August 2022: The Niespolo lab has installed an Agilent 8900 QQQ ICP-MS and a ESL NWR ImageGEO193 excimer laser ablation system. Stay tuned for photos and details on research plans of these instruments.

Archived updates:

April 2021: Caltech: measuring ventilation to quantify COVID-19 Risk. Link here.

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