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English Tea on a Rainy Day

posted Oct 20, 2016, 3:37 AM by Engleski Klub
Today, 5th graders and their teacher Mirela Radošević enjoyed a cup of real english tea in their English classroom. 
Students were the ones who initiated this event, they were curious and wanted to taste this traditional beverage. So, we asked our cook Danica (thank you so much) to brew a teapot, and the students got the chance to experience some real English culture.

Even though English tea is not only about the tea,
As stated by our friend Google:

 "Tea is not only the name of the beverage, but of a light meal. Anna Russell, Duchess of Bedford is credited with the creation of afternoon tea circa 1840. She thought of the idea to ward off hunger between luncheon and dinner, as the latter was being served later and later. The tradition continues to this day."

We, however, did not have a meal, but waited for our school lunch instead :)

And this is the 5th grade:

And our freshly brewed tea with milk on the side:

Students were happy to try, but some of them didn't really like the taste of it :)
However, there were those who enjoyed it, and has another cup :)

Then we talked about this tradition, and had loads of fun too :)