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100 days of school

We again participated in 100 days of school. The eTwinning page is available here:

 And this is a summary of what we did:

English Language

5th i 6th grade - 100 words in one poem

These two grades read the lyrics "I will always love you" by Whitney Huston, which was adjusted to have 100 words.

Then they categorised words into parts of speech (nouns, verbs, ...)

After that, they created their own poem by replacing nouns with other nouns, verbs with other verb, etc.

We had some great fun doing that!





7th grade - 100 nice things to say, use them every day!

Students brainstormed and thought of 100 nice things to say. And they do plan to use them every day!


8th grade - 100 words to create a poem 

4 students in the 8th grade, which means each had to create a poem containing 25 words, which they boils down to 25x4 = 100 words in their work!

Great job boys! 

We really had fun. Looking forward to new projects!

Mirela Radošević, prof