Viking Wire Weaving

    Viking Wire Weaving (also known as Viking Knit Weave or Trichinopoly) is a type of jewelry making that has popped up in many cultures, but during the SCA period it is perhaps most common in 8th-10th century Nordic culture. Some excellent research on the topic can be found in Danr Bjornsson's page 10th Century Danish Woven Wire Arm Ring   Instructions can be found at Instructables and Artisan Whimsy.

    It is a very fun hobby in that it can make pieces which are both lovely period accessories and also functional modern jewelry.

These are a few pieces I made for a largess donation. Copper and brass, 
both 24 gauge wire, double-knit, 4 loop on a 1/2 inch dowel.

This was a circlet for a LARP gift. As it was fantasy inspired, I added beads and a hanging pendant to create a different effect. The wire is coated craft wire. While coated wires come in many colors, they can be a challenge to draw without stripping the wire of the color. As such, I drew this mostly by hand and used cloth to protect the piece while drawing to avoid a loss of color.