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Raised Embroidery (Brazilian)

    While I am still a beginner in this style of embroidery, I am very intrigued by "Brazilian" embroidery, a style of embroidery where thread is wrapped or cast onto a needle and then tacked down, creating a 3D embroidered effect without the use of wires or cut fabric. 

    I came across instructions on Mary Corbet's website Needle n' Thread and had to give the technique a try. The style is modern, not SCA period (pre 1600), and is traditionally worked in z-twisted rayon threads. I didn't have any rayon thread, so I used DMC cotton and am still quite happy with the look. 

    In traditional Brazilian embroidery only floral designs are depicted, but I couldn't help adding a little butterfly as I wanted to try drizzle stitch (the wire-like pieces that make the antennas) and I thought the piece needed a little something more than just the flowers. An excellent guide to the various different stitches used in Brazilian embroidery can be found at Brazilian Dimensional Embroidery.com


Here you can see how the drizzle stitch makes the antennas stick up out of the fabric! This is a very fun style of embroidery and could be a great way to add decorations to modern garments.