This is the website of Jeanne Clifton, also know as Mistress Elena Hylton in the Society for Creative Anachronism. I dabble in all sorts of fiber arts, including weaving, spinning, garb making, and embroidery.

A&S Documentation/Class Handouts: A collection of my A&S documentation, papers, essays, and class handouts, including How to Research Like an Academic, Finding Sources, Introduction to 1480s Florentine Women's Fashion, and my paper Lacing Styles 1450s-1550s.

Card/Tablet Weaving: For my guide on how to card weave letters or designs, see Double-faced Weaving: How To!, and for examples to weave see Patterns for Double-Faced Weaving: ABCs, Runes, and a Gothic Motto. For a guide to the basics of card weaving see my Introduction to Card Weaving. If you would like to make period medieval cord by card weaving see Tubular Tablet Weaving - How To! For some of my pieces based on extant patterns see Recreations & Variations of Extant Tablet Weaving

Sewing/Garb: My biggest project recently was a 1480's Florentine gown. I have also recorded the research and process I followed on my 1410s French Gown and 1410s French Horned Headress, a 1560s Nobleman's Outfit, a 14th century heraldic gown, a man's 14th Century Bocksten Tunic, and my 15th Century Burgundian Gown and Butterfly Hennin.

Embroidery: I dabble in a lot of various styles. My miscellaneous page covers metallic thread, brick stitch, and pleatwork, and I also have separate pages for some of my pieces: Blackwork, Lacis, Open Work, Lace, and Raised Embroidery (Brazilian).

Please feel free to contact me with any questions/comments/thoughts at or leave a comment below