Lucy (Maths)

Over the last five years I have been teaching Maths from within my own home. I have an Honours Degree in Business and Financial Services (Hons) with many of the modules including advanced mathematics and statistics. 

The goal of each and every lesson is to make the sessions as interactive as possible. By engaging pupils at every opportunity, the lessons become really enjoyable with the students learning an awful lot more than if they were simply to be handed workbooks. There are many tutors that will take this approach and just watch a student go at it, I prefer to be much more involved! I also make new learning games everyday and this is a big reason why my students have been so successful at all ages. 

Alongside all the learning games I produce, I have hundreds of rewards too. These prizes range from weekly stickers to awards and trophies for longer term goals.

Teaching is my passion. I have made higher salaries in other lines of work- I choose to tutor because it makes me happy! Therefore I don't just do this for the money, if a student isn't making progress then I will always tell clients exactly that. My primary aim is to help people, and if it isn't working, you'll get nothing but honesty from me! 

Exam Results

I take great pride in the results of my students. Whether it be Year 6 SATS, entrance exams, GCSE Maths or many others, the greatest joy I feel is hearing good news on results day. To hear that I've managed to help someone change their life forever in a positive way
 is a high that I am constantly chasing.

Here are some of my student's recent achievements in major exams:

GCSE Maths

(Grade on the left is the student's grade before lesson one, grade on the right is the confirmed GCSE result)

GCSE Maths (2017)
3 students from a 5 (C+/B-) ----> 6 (B+/A-)
2 students from a 3 (D) ----> 5 (C+/B-)
1 student from a 4 (C) ----> 6 (B+/A-)

Year 6 SATS

(Grade on the left is the student's grade before lesson one, grade on the right is the confirmed SATS result)

Year 6 SATS (2017)
1 student from expected standard ----> above expectations

1 student from below expectations ----> expected standard
QTS (Qualified Teacher Status)

1 student passed on their first attempt
0 students failed
100% pass rate

I own an Enhanced DBS (CRB) which is clear. 

Lucy's maths lessons are £30 per hour.

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