Edon & Edon Tuition is a private tutoring service provided by David and Lucy Edon. We offer high quality, one on one lessons from our home offices in Batley. David has been an English teacher for over ten years whilst Lucy has been tutoring Maths for more than six years.

Tutoring is our passion and we doubt that any other tutor, organisation or school can match us when it comes to our enthusiasm and drive- a trait that is worryingly becoming steadily more absent in school teachers. We also consistently achieve better results than our competition year after year. Please see our individual pages for examples of exam results.

We believe we have a serious advantage in that we are both relatively young teachers. We know exactly the kind of pressures and stress that pupils are under (it wasn't that long ago that we were at school!) and we feel like we know when a tutee needs gentle encouragement and when a metaphorical kick up the backside is required! We also tend not to talk down to students as many teachers prefer to do- we've seen that when we treat pupils with respect, they treat us the same way.

There may be an opportunity for students to have back to back lessons with us both though this is obviously dependent on our schedules. Please contact us to find out if this might be possible.

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We both own Enhanced DBS's (CRB Checks) which are clear.