Molecular Pharmacology and Cancer Therapeutics


The main research focus at 3DUnit is the identification of pharmacological modulators of human cancer-related proteins through an approach that combines yeast, human cell lines and animal models.

The research activities of the group are mainly focused on:

  • Development of yeast models for functional and molecular studies of human disease-related proteins: yeast targeted screening assays
  • Molecular and pharmacological studies in human tumor cell lines
  • In vitro drug-protein binding assays
  • Pharmacological studies in human tumor xenografts mice models


3DUnit received a MED.IDEAS award, promoted by NORTEXCELACTONp53 was one of the selected projects for the CANCER area, proposing p53-activating agents as new anticancer drug candidates. [Link]

Ajudar a vencer o cancro é o sonho de qualquer investigador nesta área" An interview with Prof. Lucília Saraiva was featured on "À conversa com os inventores" on the newsletter of U.Porto Inovação. [Link]