BLT Extreme

BLT Extreme

makes 1 sandwich


2 slices whole wheat bread

3-4 slices of thick bacon

2 leaves of green leaf lettuce

1 tablespoon of mayo

4 tomato slices

1 egg


1) Toast the two slices of bread to your preference. Set aside.

2) Cook bacon in a pan over medium heat, until crisp.  Remove from pan and drain on paper towels.

3) Spread your mayo over one of the pieces of bread.  Lay the lettuce, tomato, and bacon over top the bread.

4) Pour a  bit of oil into a small pan and cook the egg over medium heat, flipping it once the bottom is set.  Remove from heat once the other side sets and slide the egg onto the bacon, lettuce and tomato.

5) Top with the remaining slice of bread and enjoy your gooey egg/bacon deliciousness.