Colour Specification and Spaces

Color Museum (Narciso Silvestrini and Ernst Peter Fischer): Major summary of colour classification systems from antiquity to the present day (links on left)

Color Topics for Programmers  (Peter Occil


Gamma FAQ (Charles Poynton)

Color FAQ (Charles Poynton)

Introduction to Video Color Spaces  (Charles Poynton)

The Representation of Color Metrics and Mappings in Perceptual Color Space (Stephen Boker).

Color Spaces (Steven Pigeon): Online 3d models of colour spaces [in French] .

Charting Color from the Eye of the Beholder (Landa and Fairchild): Reprint of American Scientist article on Munsell and the Munsell system.

Kerr, Douglas A., 2005. Color and Color Spaces.

Kerr, Douglas A., 2005. Color Temperature.

Kerr, Douglas A., 2010. The CIE XYZ and xyY Color Spaces

The Color Guide and Glossary (Xrite).

Light and Color: An Introduction (Norman Koren): Relatively simple introduction to colour spaces for digital photographers/artists.

Graphics Short Course I: Color Theory and 2D Image Representation.

Exploring Color Theory with Blender (Mark Meyer)

Color Model Museum (Colorcube):
One-page summary of historical colour systems (from book by Gerritsen)

Conversions Between the Munsell and sRGB Colour Systems (Paul Centore)

NCS (Scandinavian Natural Colour System)

Hungarian Coloroid Colour System

Interactive online/downloadable programs

Colour Mixing Tools (Zsolt Kovacs-Vajna)
Suite of free programs comprising:
Color2Drop (a program to convert RGB, Lab or Munsell HVC color coordinates into paint mixing recipes)
Drop2Color (a program to visualize the color of mixed paint recipes)
RS2Color (a program to visualize the color of reflectance spectra)

Munsell Color Studies and Art (Oriane Lima)
Interactive explorations and exercises in Munsell colour space

KGamut2 gamut tool (Cristian Romero)

MunsellDG (Apple app)

Colorimeter (Android app)

Color Analysis (Android app)

Color Extractor (Android app)

Munsell color chart (Android app)

CIECAM02 Plug-In (Cliff Rames)
Interactive exploration of the CIECAM02 model.

Generate Munsell hue pages

Virtual Munsell Color Wheel (Andrew Werth)

Munsell Color Palette (Andrew Geng)

Munsell View (Robert Allgeyer)

Digitaler Farbatlas 5.0 (Win/Mac)
Demo version available.

Color Sliderule

Virtual Atlas (VCS Consulting)

Colorspace (Philippe Colantoni)

RGB Cube (Philippe Colantoni) 

Color conversions (Per Bang)
RGB <> Hexdecimal <> CMYK <> HSV <> HSL <> CIE-L*ab <> XYZ + Munsell, NCS, Pantone, RAL Classic etc.

Working with Color
RGB <> HSB <> HSL<> CMYK(simple) <> CIE L*a*b* <>HSL <> Hex

Big Grumpy Thing

Introduction to Color (Eugene Vishnevsky): Online applets explaining colour spaces.

Interactive Color Wheel (Rich Franzen): Experiment with saturation, intensity, hue, and luma. (online)

RGB Color Mixer Applet (Hermann Wacker): Shows colours and their precise complements by mixing R,G and B components. (Windows/Mac/online)

Colorcoder (Michel Christiaens): Aids in composing colors through RGB, HLS, CMY, CMYK and YCbCr color models; allows you to copy and paste hexadecimal representations, save colors to palette, and capture colors from your screen (Windows)

Spectrashop (Robin Myers): SpectraShop is a program for measuring, analyzing and storing visible light spectra. It can measure spectra directly with various instruments, or import data from other programs. In demo mode the program will not measure, save or export data, but it will open and display spectral files from the large array provided. (Windows/ Mac) (spectral library)

Color Converter (Robin Myers): A utility program for converting colors between XYZ, xyY, Lab, LCH(ab), Luv, LCH(uv) color spaces. You can set it to convert with over a dozen white point settings, including your own custom white points. (Windows/Mac)

Color Calculators and Spreadsheets (Bruce Lindbloom).
* CIE Color Calculator: Converts among most of the CIE color models (XYZ, xyY, Lab, LCH(ab), Luv, and LCH(uv)),  as well as providing correlated color temperature and standard RGB conversions.
* Companding Calculator: Converts among luminance, CIE L*, density and gamma. Includes both a numeric calculator and a graphical display.
* Color Difference Calculator: Computes color differences using several different methods (Delta E, CIE94, CMC).
* Chromatic Adaptation Calculator: Converts colors between reference whites using different chromatic adaptation algorithms.
* CIE Spectral Display: Calculates and displays many useful CIE functions, such as the Standard Observers, the Standard Illuminants and blackbody radiators.
* Levels Calculator: See how you lose levels when you pass data through curves.
* ColorChecker Calculator: Performs many spectral calculations on the 24 colors of the ColorChecker chart.
* ColorChecker RGB Summaries, Spreadsheets and Lab TIFF File: You will find three things on this page, a) summaries of the ColorChecker colors, expressed in each of many standard RGB color spaces, b) spreadsheets that allow you to find which RGB color space is closest to your RGB values, and c) a computer generated Lab TIFF file of the ColorChecker.
* Munsell Display Calculator: Displays the Munsell color set (2734 colors) in xyY, Lab and Luv. This is a useful tool for evaluating uniform perceptual color spaces. Also included is an explanation of the infamous "blue turns purple" problem often seen with printer profiles.
* Dot Gain Calculator: Performs the standard Murray-Davies dot gain equation to your density measurements.
* Dot Gain from Lab or Profile: Two spreadsheets which calculate dot gain from Lab measurements, also allowing you to measure the dot gain of a CMYK ICC printer profile. (select "Calc" at top of page)

Color Slide Rule (Axiphos): "This small software (freeware) allows color data transformation between any (X,Y,Z), (Y,x,y), (L*,a*,b*), Hunter Lab, RGB, (Rx,Ry,Rz), (Y,Wd,Pe) and (Y,Wcie, Tcie) and vice versa; calculations to many one- and two-parameter whiteness formulas are also included." (Windows)

Color Selector (Josiah Reynolds): "This program provides dynamically colored sliders supporting four color formats including RGB, HSL, HSB/HSV and CMY. It also has a color picker with zoom and area sampling, format converter, palette tool, seven built-in export formats, customizable formatting options including four built-in ones, and scripting support for VBScript and JScript, allowing you to replace export formats with anything you want". (Windows; direct download)

Munsell Conversion Software (WallkillColor): Features:
* Converts Munsell Notation to XYZ, L*a*b*, RGB, CMYK
* Converts RGB to XYZ, L*a*b*, Munsell Notation - CIELAB correction for dark colors added
* Displays Color on screen
* Print pages to color Printer
* Munsell Book of Color
* Value Page that shows all Hues and Chromas for a constant value
* Color Tolerance Page that displays a Munsell color with pairs of
lighter/darker, redder/greener and Yellower/Bluer
* Image Analysis - Load a JPG picture and select spots to display Munsell Notation (Windows, rentware :( )

EasyRGB (Logicol S.r.l.): Input colour in 10 formats, output the colour sample and ten formats, get nearest match in multiple systems incluiding Munsell and NCS. (online) (Windows freeware/shareware)

The Chromograf (Yan Bilik/ RGB to Decimal Hue Luminosity Saturation/CMY/CMYK conversions, color dictionaries, 360 degree HLS color wheel, color RGB movies, his suggested colors for an RGB range, color gradiants, constant color maps (precision: 60 degrees divided by 256 RGB steps = 0.234 degree, or 0.2 to 0.3 degree) (online)

La Boite à couleurs (Benjamin Chartier) (Windows)

Color Conversion (Rapidtables)